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The Guardian Quiptic Crossword Answers -21-October-2019
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The Guardian Quiptic Crossword Answers -7-October-2019
  1. 1.Force prisoners on transport
  2. 2.A great amount of love is able to enthral Echo
  3. 3.Pure space around capital
  4. 4.Trouble in European country when leader goes south
  5. 5.Permit I have is not active
  6. 6.Alter service time
  7. 7.Ministerial garb said to be redundant
  8. 8.Second and first queens relatives
  9. 9.Attack appearances on cycle
  10. 10.Love a democratic speech
  11. 11.That rider tumbling is mediocre
  12. 12.Quietly overwhelmed by assault like lightning
  13. 13.Mad son, lost and empty
  14. 14.Temperate landmass
  15. 15.Parts of organ Penny put into food
  16. 16.British study food
  17. 17.Correct old law
  18. 18.Opposed to party prepared to return remedies
  19. 19.Threw food at, for example, German journalist
  20. 20.Feel trapped in chosen setting
  21. 21.Devout priest promises to pay
  22. 22.Ghastly female catching taxi
  23. 23.Upsets leader of department involved in IT studies
  24. 24.Body of vehicle about to be put on ship
  25. 25.Cook heads of groupers raised in local lake
  26. 26.Expenses break down during trips
  27. 27.Plan alternative cinema equipment
  28. 28.Timeless terrace in rising road
  29. 29.Carriage flipped over by top of Sloane Gardens
  30. 30.Extremely sour lies spread by unknown
  31. 31.European skilled at keeping left is fair
  32. 32.Reserves lofty retail outlet
  33. 33.Goes round renovated bistro
  34. 34.Man is one of those Ill report
  35. 35.Employers backing unions resurgence to some extent
  36. 36.Poem about unknown ship on year-long journey
  37. 37.Leaves fellow changing oil to get on
  38. 38.Quietly set up goody-goody
  39. 39.Stares open-mouthed at girl taking on monkeys
  40. 40.Spotted cat in car
  41. 41.Dream home in picture
  42. 42.Challenged wicked superhero
  43. 43.Lease covers to become sick, retired and dependent
  44. 44.Some of mezes typically full of beans
  45. 45.Sort of quite like morning by river, still and noiseless
  46. 46.Old seabirds regularly able to get outside
  47. 47.Step in when Bury against Everton ends ultimately in violence
  48. 48.Torys contribution to party flyer
  49. 49.Usual practice to have volunteers set up living area
  50. 50.Soldiers prompt resistance brings someone to get us out of trouble
  51. 51.The heartless rich I suspect to be more irritating
  52. 52.Difficult time after babys head is delivered
  53. 53.In St Lucia you are travelling with care
  54. 54.Money received once Im working
  55. 55.Dance with the French chaps in fine company
  56. 56.Liked to see Joey jumping around in goal
  57. 57.Holiday snap
  58. 58.May watch a special game at other teams ground
  59. 59.Camera set to show off some delights of Cornwall
  60. 60.Good books contain everything top-class and noble
  61. 61.Evening with film stars ahead
  62. 62.March to secure jail reform? He might send you there!
  63. 63.Try to date report of one doing reconnaissance
  64. 64.Where in France husband leaves stuff for trips
  65. 65.Merit increase having eliminated new impediment to hearing
  66. 66.Poor family dumped in street
  67. 67.Submarines first captain comes up to deliver warnings
  68. 68.Painter has mouth turned up its nothing to cry about
  69. 69.Moves carefully inside overseas establishment
  70. 70.In the bellies of whales, science finds something strange
  71. 71.Become aware of union cutting voucher
  72. 72.One tempting English with time in more pleasant surroundings
  73. 73.Ladies note cleaning implement
  74. 74.Denounces drunk not in good condition
  75. 75.Energetic start to play occupies everyone performing
  76. 76.Treatment area charge creates political division
  77. 77.Worried a couple is supporting green extremists
  78. 78.Win a set, playing while upset
  79. 79.Arrest leaders of All Blacks on rugby tour
  80. 80.Cover when one or other is caught not working?

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