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  1. 1.Argument about learner having crashed by the sound of it
  2. 2.European got in a tailspin
  3. 3.Dull rhyming couplet thats one word for it
  4. 4.Those people stand over timeless recommendations for players problem
  5. 5.Tart with desire to embrace Egyptian poisoner
  6. 6.Sort of weird male who features in the Bible
  7. 7.Dated lover allowing no room to move
  8. 8.Back section of laser-based weapon
  9. 9.Copy line in saga that artist has adopted
  10. 10.Fat cow messing in back row reveals something special
  11. 11.One looking for a lift after hitch
  12. 12.Encourages Spurs fans
  13. 13.Firstly, action is the French approach in the theatre
  14. 14.In control as well at the summit
  15. 15.Stranger picked up beside station seat
  16. 16.Leading counsel hopeful as suit enters court
  17. 17.Tough position perhaps as a result of lying?
  18. 18.Take short run with addict
  19. 19.Holds in custody having broken up arms den
  20. 20.Rotten worker and so rude!
  21. 21.Online discussion of weak setting for Bach variation
  22. 22.Bound to cover slip, if alarmed
  23. 23.Hide elite to provide protection from surface damage
  24. 24.Pretty ordinary, yet oddly mourned, painter
  25. 25.Put off changing temperature to Fahrenheit its really just the same
  26. 26.Intense and awfully rude, but well groomed
  27. 27.Meeting point for attack on Italian club
  28. 28.It is drawn out for one supporting evolution
  29. 29.Is it played by romantic speculators?
  30. 30.Check in with a mate
  31. 31.Covers speeches without commercial introduction
  32. 32.Leader drunk pink gin
  33. 33.Fussy pink gin and tonic cocktail not on!
  34. 34.Ships notice a weapon ahead
  35. 35.One shared by community with opportunities
  36. 36.Voter getting shock treatment in role reversal
  37. 37.Realise Jeffs topless, hairy etc
  38. 38.On which one gets wet, save for this
  39. 39.Plaudit for a cold soft drink extremely desirable
  40. 40.They say that in marriage libido is reduced by 50%
  41. 41.Speech interpreter repaired learners translation
  42. 42.27s knew about minimum staff
  43. 43.Go blue in decline
  44. 44.Paid celebs can be loathsome
  45. 45.Talk fondly, reportedly upset
  46. 46.Painters second bag
  47. 47.Nurse finally backing the last word in help to go
  48. 48.Deposit a ball tackling five
  49. 49.Go a bit like a van?
  50. 50.Peak at any time east of Paris
  51. 51.Herb for porridge, say
  52. 52.Playing a nine is stupid
  53. 53.Be able to send up small amount of food?
  54. improve share for partner?
  55. 55.Suck like Blackbeard?
  56. 56.You could be Eve
  57. 57.Get lost cycling
  58. 58.Unhappy start to song and dance
  59. 59.Playing sitar, go for creative talent
  60. 60.Come across im calculating number of chickens?
  61. 61.Her Majesty embraces coastal regeneration this can go up and down
  62. 62.Delight in French tea firstly need teapot!
  63. 63.Sauté rice vigorously and burn
  64. 64.Climbing perennial plants cover area of level land
  65. 65.Dish left in ruined hacienda
  66. 66.Firm support for reptile
  67. 67.Coach returned to prison and took in food for master
  68. 68.Break from desire to hurt after religious education
  69. 69.Beat man to line
  70. 70.Preserves antidotes
  71. 71.A labyrinth to shock and awe
  72. 72.Beseech topless males to provide something for free
  73. 73.Rough patch is on hole in the wall
  74. 74.Delayed accepting one pound as pay off
  75. 75.Animosity summit announced
  76. 76.Elite lot illegitimately securing right to lead
  77. 77.I alarm old doddery creature
  78. 78.Surpass alfresco party
  79. 79.Quietly urged daughter to leave show
  80. 80.No uncertainty bottling small measure

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