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Date: 13-September-2018 | Page 1 of 1 | Crossword Answers 911

  1. 1.Ports beginning to drop floating structure, causing a financial problem
  2. 2.Decorated old woman at match embarrassed about nothing
  3. 3.Vital chaps who help rulers
  4. 4.Rich man making appeal for help, having hoarded gold
  5. 5.Turkish community is said to adjoin old Russian community
  6. 6.One enthralled by left-winger repeatedly turning up as a mocker
  7. 7.Their horses are in front, running a bit closer
  8. 8.Poser of threat, desperate fellow? Foreigner no longer our enemy
  9. 9.Singer is good in loose cloak
  10. 10.Cleaning mess whats humiliating about that?
  11. 11.Untidy heap containing red, decomposing shrub
  12. 12.Girl with poem in the tube
  13. 13.Waters about to ooze
  14. 14.Valley outside the borders of my French estate
  15. 15.Humourless politician with a stern style a bit like Trumps?
  16. 16.Drug that is suspect makes one deeply agitated
  17. 17.No time for homely fashions
  18. 18.Prohibition on very loud Canadian resort
  19. 19.Examination less than barely adequate
  20. 20.Month in which car manufacturer lays off workers, finally
  21. 21.Conductors with no love for the mountains
  22. 22.Shown to be exonerated, five released
  23. 23.Malleable president finally in charge
  24. 24.Knowing about a murder
  25. 25.Breakaway meeting involving Londons financial district?
  26. 26.Work extra hard after holiday to produce something old and saucy?
  27. 27.Modern music on sound system in street party, a form of torture
  28. 28.Height certain to collect rubbish
  29. 29.One has ditchwater? Theres nothing thats dull about it!
  30. 30.Politician and tennis player, without hesitation the top celebrities
  31. 31.Check made by engineers on regular beat?
  32. 32.Demands pounds in speech