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Date: 11-January-2019 | Page 1 of 1 | Crossword Answers 911

  1. 1.Spring and Fall
  2. 2.Number one from one of two
  3. 3.Zero is new factor for all primes
  4. 4.All possible orders of prime numbers
  5. 5.Prime number up to zero
  6. 6.Perhaps using skis, with the French slopes around them
  7. 7.Betrays no hiding place for anything less than a pound
  8. 8.They could kill & maim, say
  9. 9.Preach new realism about love
  10. 10.So, prime suspect is to swear oath?
  11. 11.Be alive in time to be reborn for certain
  12. 12.Nameless type of paint, the first to mark wood
  13. 13.Perhaps a prime, cut from cube efficiently
  14. 14.Perhaps fire English workers allowed outside
  15. 15.Trumps usual response to criticism, Donalds leadership heading off trouble twice as stock index falls one point
  16. 16.Transient prime
  17. 17.Wrap leading edge (add less if turbulent)
  18. 18.He noticed creeping destruction of cultural identity
  19. 19.Boatmans helm is prime mover about tacking east at first
  20. 20.Heartless visitor delivers blow
  21. 21.Prime made out to include another
  22. 22.Prime and irrational number? Large primes cant be this
  23. 23.Teach two nurses to take on part of the crossword
  24. 24.Sawn-off gun raised: it is held by prime suspect on run
  25. 25.Go back to EU, generally friendless in retreat
  26. 26.Prime every other T-shirt, even
  27. 27.Proposal from cockney woman
  28. 28.Enjoy yourself! Ive gone out to get drunk
  29. 29.Boatman finishes article on primes
  30. 30.Limited by metal casing in computers etc
  31. 31.Prime suspect in deal with Government
  32. 32.Prime impeachment
  33. 33.Rejected wordplay quietly sent back by Paul or edited

Crossword Answers 911