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The Guardian Cryptic Crossword Answers -24-May-2019
The Guardian Cryptic Crossword Answers -23-May-2019
The Guardian Cryptic Crossword Answers -22-May-2019
  1. 1.Without wasting words, show sympathy, capturing childs heart
  2. 2.Revealed orgy of dope and sex
  3. 3.Backing role, embracing male one of slender means
  4. 4.Peculiar shapes securing fastener produce contentment
  5. 5.Squeal Woo! in type of 20
  6. 6.More despondent, dropping drug in haze
  7. 7.Stink horribly, trashing universal values
  8. 8.Philosopher of language chewing over fish with booze
  9. 9.10 in something to buy in 19 bar
  10. 10.Speak at length about a short swim around and leave to decay
  11. 11.Fruit of foul temper skewered? On the contrary
  12. 12.Energy endlessly recycled would be so
  13. 13.Bear eating gutted veggie in non-veggie establishment
  14. 14.Totally heartless diatribes from dictators
  15. 15.Broth, say, over? Over
  16. 16.Drink producers sheep receiving a degree
  17. 17.Setters after Scottish thinkers abscess
  18. 18.Cry of delight from vulgar sort
  19. 19.Fourth letter in Oscar Petersons made-up language
  20. 20.Annoyance caused by French bread
  21. 21.Being furtive, make off with your old
  22. 22.6, first in costume
  23. 23.Seek information with which to identify malefactors food item
  24. 24.Sickliness results in dim boy getting no points in resit
  25. 25.Performed deed in college, initially providing instruction
  26. 26.Popular novelist embraces headdress-maker
  27. 27.Pub where brown cleric gets round in
  28. 28.Keyboard instrument no piano raised in sport
  29. 29.Expert has a profundity thats bottomless
  30. 30.Sheds uninherited characteristic?
  31. 31.Drier and somewhat boring experience thats tedious
  32. 32.Rock and roll fan after work briefly proved alluring
  33. 33.Dog handler with more in secure pens
  34. 34.Lines I dont know in performance venue
  35. 35.Hindu ascetic Americans greeting with grunt
  36. 36.Regime with a skint, corrupt parliament
  37. 37.Foremost of intellects in class?
  38. 38.Vote to imprison one, then check for innocence
  39. 39.Bill getting the water for Nancys group still on stage
  40. 40.Continue gambling? Thats about right for Normans neighbour
  41. 41.Short-changed minor name in finance
  42. 42.For fellow, this address might be used
  43. 43.European assents, one giving a spirited response?
  44. 44.Aid for flier getting good deal on gold hat
  45. 45.Islander with a sore bum getting into heavy metal
  46. 46.Grass coloured bags with no tears
  47. 47.Note mocking the cost of the partnership?
  48. 48.Record-breaking hotel which is at the seaside
  49. 49.Gripped and picked up like a gift
  50. 50.Hero taught to perform with stage manager
  51. 51.Young reporter and undatable eccentric rang
  52. 52.He has criminal still to uncover behind facial injury
  53. 53.Luxury biography of female artist
  54. 54.Not very bright setter does his best Russian
  55. 55.Let go of key emergency facility
  56. 56.Dont stay on the road its a bore
  57. 57.Sportsman catching one more out there
  58. 58.See 7
  59. 59.Rank claimed by guard it effectively rises
  60. 60.Spades do some digging, moving easily
  61. 61.Go to fix theatre broadcast
  62. 62.Peruse file obstructing stock problem
  63. 63.Handyman sailor taking wheel on autumn winds
  64. 64.Current head of zoology inspired by minor genius
  65. 65.Poor conductor, not a learner devouring music mag
  66. 66.He complains bitterly about film supplier
  67. 67.Irish authors sister inhaling smoke
  68. 68.Im above getting upset missing a film
  69. 69.Flying through divided country with no leader
  70. 70.Pair of kings hosting Brussels pomp
  71. 71.Party member that infuriated the Queen
  72. 72.Group on American cape beyond river showing diligence
  73. 73.Animals smell masking another one
  74. 74.Learned man tripped over wife
  75. 75.Clear about boxers energy
  76. 76.Perfectly constructed contract, according to auditor
  77. 77.He has no faith in candidates promoting Democrat
  78. 78.Juniors on board watching figures
  79. 79.What the French stole, drilling vessel
  80. 80.Raise tax in European shelter

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