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The Guardian Cryptic Crossword Answers -22-March-2019
The Guardian Cryptic Crossword Answers -21-March-2019
The Guardian Cryptic Crossword Answers -20-March-2019
  1. 1.Strikes gain strength, its said
  2. 2.Displayed last of art framed by retired artist
  3. 3.Puts up money to release sporting accessories
  4. 4.Passage used by ground staff to publicise game?
  5. 5.Not well up in prose?
  6. 6.Well-travelled commanders grouse about petty officer, drunk
  7. 7.During function, Liberal joins right-wing plot
  8. 8.Chicanery surrounding start of Hanoverian period
  9. 9.Fuel runs out before rival ends
  10. 10.Learner on farm looking to the future
  11. 11.Revolution in Cuba reformed law there
  12. 12.Put in order, keeping a model satisfied
  13. 13.Light feminine sparkly material
  14. 14.Countrys official staff arrested by troops
  15. 15.Offensive politician a soldier knocked over in the loo?
  16. 16.Small bowlers for long-haul travellers?
  17. 17.Recurrent investment of new group from the East in traditional fuel
  18. 18.Welcome the way Derbys turned out
  19. 19.Regularly sits up pining, burning the midnight oil
  20. 20.Man used to going Dutch?
  21. 21.Possibly a kilolitre brew of liqueur is made
  22. 22.Classical position of president in square-dancing
  23. 23.No German follows you in France to find a station
  24. 24.Mobs intention to hold absolutely nothing back
  25. 25.unusually clean material for soldier
  26. 26.Put in order: fish, one small fish, gutted
  27. 27.Agreement to limit combat leads to discharge
  28. 28.Counter Murphys raised, for example
  29. 29.Clever bit: wifes seen through it
  30. 30.Advance payments finally withdrawn from Newcastle area
  31. 31.Transport service on track, tours are derailed
  32. 32.Before success, star admitting close to bankrupt
  33. 33.Stuff written about Edwards crown in the kings name?
  34. 34.Attacked from the air, farmhouse completely gutted, missiles sent over to claim it
  35. 35.Form studied in this equestrian sport good, in play
  36. 36.Desert rat free, according to the Spanish generals, initially taken aback
  37. 37.Decoration stocked by department in Selfridges
  38. 38.See 24 down
  39. 39.Capital growth faced by a postpubescent Superman
  40. 40.Casual unpacking of last of clothes from case in vehicle
  41. 41.Underwear a nipper rejected
  42. 42.Group studying hotel in Nottinghamshire town
  43. 43.Observing instrument, romantic composer embracing one with first of concerti
  44. 44.Halfwits find bit of test oddly lacking
  45. 45.Selection of homemade wines showing a sparkling quality on the surface?
  46. 46.Turner entertained by escorts prattle
  47. 47.Killer dog biting equerrys rear with energy
  48. 48.Old shoemaker in business with change in drawer
  49. 49.Hip bandaged, he was given sword wound its worth taking the risk
  50. 50.Shade reserved by man, while still dark
  51. 51.Vicious destruction of red rose for extra table?
  52. 52.Plane thats inclined to get hit, given minimum of protection
  53. 53.Area on the backside of egg layer?
  54. 54.River is close to oak tree
  55. 55.See 14
  56. 56.Second cuppa, well hot!
  57. 57.One Love then Buffalo Soldiers final parts for singer
  58. 58.Big microphone comes from heavy metal
  59. 59.Unusually, left stage at end of Three Little Birds
  60. 60.Trailer, so entertaining TV show gets support
  61. 61.They hide the truth of kinky sex in order to escape mocking remark on return
  62. 62.Left backing, capturing rest of outstanding piece
  63. 63.Record lively set at home to show bands manager
  64. 64.Exodus follows this for band
  65. 65.Listener describing empty stage for musician
  66. 66.See Bob Marley on tour: its ruined in Scotland
  67. 67.On the road, you might see them record behind Bob
  68. 68.It bubbles in minutes: pasta cooking
  69. 69.Milk teeth initially dropped out for similar ones
  70. 70.Spread butter around, small amount
  71. 71.Lovers single? Engagement over?
  72. 72.Gave way to current director
  73. 73.Times with little light reading as plane crashes
  74. 74.Chart mans got up to stuff
  75. 75.Films Marleys I Shot the Sheriff, primarily
  76. 76.Ring mans bird with number?
  77. 77.By that place outside auditorium
  78. 78.Incompetent musician taking note
  79. 79.Ring to cancel film
  80. 80.Month (Feb) starts off with everyone alert
  81. 81.Fiddles money playing with legends
  82. 82.Republican American is turning to one like Putin?
  83. 83.High stone to go climbing
  84. 84.Ex-Chancellor is one: robs poor to make investment
  85. 85.She jointly made Columbus sail and able to roam
  86. 86.Potentially constituent narrative ultimately lost for reader
  87. 87.Habitat of Tasmanian devil, evolving with limited parts lost
  88. 88.To want not a cent? Weird this is in both the US and Canada
  89. 89.Vegetable in book? Radish?
  90. 90.Type of writing of period seen regularly
  91. 91.Book about gravitys reach in translation
  92. 92.Call round
  93. 93.Study follows paperbacks plot
  94. 94.Genius of story books
  95. 95.Old story offers a clue to boot
  96. 96.Stir up novel so it ends in twist
  97. 97.Passage from a booklet
  98. 98.Learn from a book: note, a hardback
  99. 99.Old penny dreadful seen as impenetrable
  100. 100.Capital writer, initially keen to meet aristocrat, loses head and gets kiss after a month
  101. 101.Top pieces of literature in bookcases, recording and retelling yarns
  102. 102.Note my oddly original word
  103. 103.Mystery novel in quotes
  104. 104.Sang loudly with band, due to being drunk
  105. 105.Continuations of story speak of search for sources of water
  106. 106.Despondent about you in France, stuck with tariff and unable to take any more
  107. 107.One who buys key American book by King
  108. 108.Epistolary novel: badly written letters in yarns? I opt out (this was pre-GCSE)
  109. 109.Cutlet of muscle core, chopped thin, zebras head and veal, even
  110. 110.Opposed to opening, dropping, opening, dropping?
  111. 111.One has bras etc in drawer!
  112. 112.Stories in books
  113. 113.Intimidate Daisy?
  114. 114.Very gloomy summer, a 5
  115. 115.Rename girl Artful Dodger
  116. 116.Short alert from pager or buzzer
  117. 117.Being prepared to receive cash thus in payment?
  118. 118.Entering the marathon, but not for a while
  119. 119.Bloomer that may come to ruin game
  120. 120.Smack around side of face: buzz off!
  121. 121.Beetle, for example, not in special group
  122. 122.Like an omelette? For starters, extremely good Greek yoghurt
  123. 123.Vocalist embraces wife, one thats promiscuous
  124. 124.One knocking a recording artist
  125. 125.A lot of money? Splendid!
  126. 126.Strode around the county
  127. 127.Hit man who cant afford his own weapon?
  128. 128.Foreknowledge of screen epic to be redistributed
  129. 129.I try weapon out: theres no going back from this
  130. 130.British city shows effect of cuts
  131. 131.One has no duty to buy this
  132. 132.Left in agony, went into decline
  133. 133.Approximate area of golf course
  134. 134.TV station heartless as promoter of beauty products
  135. 135.A single thing, or a couple
  136. 136.Friends on TV?
  137. 137.Soap with unpleasant conclusion
  138. 138.They may go spare in your Chinese meal
  139. 139.Tall and skinny, first to go fishing
  140. 140.Clever idea asthmatic has
  141. 141.Porters work that doesnt follow the rules?
  142. 142.Small photo of race
  143. 143.Items pulled, unhinged
  144. 144.Trees in a thicket cleared initially
  145. 145.Extinct arthropods, one preserved in lobster, it could be?
  146. 146.Revolutionary pitched with other ranks on the counter
  147. 147.Place with book stores has maybe shown up
  148. 148.Back in March, courthouse, school and shop all closing
  149. 149.Heartless love, something superficial and hard about it
  150. 150.Privately, artist arrived?
  151. 151.Stay in temporary home thats affected
  152. 152.Cheating male ultimately in wild rut with lady
  153. 153.Donkey uninjured, rescued by yours truly
  154. 154.Trench expected shortly to get disease
  155. 155.Player finding water in Aber­deenshire before birdie
  156. 156.Break wind idly and hiccup audibly, ordering starters
  157. 157.Suspiciously civil originally, a snake unfortunately constricts
  158. 158.How far across? Most vulnerable man is hiding
  159. 159.Domestic equipment silent after breaking in America
  160. 160.Wind after winter, therefore, ends: spring back
  161. 161.Victoria, say, welcoming almost everyone with posh greeting
  162. 162.Perfectly clean vessel, topsail partly up
  163. 163.Break up as miserable, ending in divorce
  164. 164.Building company securing tenements after evacuation, we must leave
  165. 165.Virgin Queens gone in to communicate
  166. 166.Mug people making pianos? No way!
  167. 167.Final move for couple
  168. 168.Loading old weapon, smarten oneself up a little
  169. 169.Pages breaking free skimmed off counter
  170. 170.Infirm, old or ancient at the outset, terrible state
  171. 171.Pledges to serve cereal in hospital? On the contrary!
  172. 172.Spongy clue for boars?
  173. 173.Where flies are unfair
  174. 174.Nice expensive copy inside not so expensive
  175. 175.Biannual event is mostly horse and bull
  176. 176.Worms bit of good luck
  177. 177.Somehow prove it hurts the Queen to conquer
  178. 178.Polar feature (and creature) in present incumbent
  179. 179.Guest argues regularly as a matter of habit
  180. 180.Premium oil mixed in this?
  181. 181.Young female or male caught up in tangled web
  182. 182.Grants immunity to plotter, primarily involved in Semtex explosion
  183. 183.Thrice adrift?
  184. 184.Should one engage with errand to attend literacy class?
  185. 185.Capturing part of the city
  186. 186.St Stephens lower, discarded greeting
  187. 187.Finally, mountain climb is beginning
  188. 188.Delighted with next July: its pants without clothes!
  189. 189.Bather unexpectedly catching cold is a sign of cancer
  190. 190.Sleeping on the streets in support of aristocrat
  191. 191.The curtain rising over a lull in hostilities
  192. 192.Call thats mostly fraudulent
  193. 193.Finally, Dilys and Victor in a bed, cavorting perhaps theyll be given a last-minute reprieve
  194. 194.See 13
  195. 195.In dunces cap, a delinquent frolic
  196. 196.Derelict and remote cathedral
  197. 197.Cancellation period definite
  198. 198.Sally sitting around, motionless
  199. 199.Like coat securely put on, or pulled off
  200. 200.Rich man concealing anger over court orders

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