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  1. 1.US rock band whose 1987 debut album was Appetite for Destruction
  2. 2.1997 novel by Iain Banks
  3. 3.Unit of length, one twelfth of a foot
  4. 4.Edible internal parts of an animal, such as the heart and liver
  5. 5.Jacques , French naval officer and underwater explorer who died in 1997
  6. 6.Largest town on the island of Euboea, Greece, at the narrowest point of the Euripus Strait
  7. 7.Chief coalmining and industrial region of Germany
  8. 8.River that forms part of the border between Germany and Poland
  9. 9.Earthy pigment containing ferric oxide
  10. 10.Leonard , actor who played Spock in 1960s US television series Star Trek
  11. 11.Brian De Palma 2007 war drama film featuring Izzy Diaz and Patrick Carroll
  12. 12.Tourist city in NE Hungary at the centre of a wine-producing region
  13. 13.Anais , author of 1954 short novel A Spy in the House of Love
  14. 14.City in Abruzzo, Italy, on the Adriatic Sea having a ferry link with Split, Croatia
  15. 15.See 22 Across
  16. 16.Capital of the Falkland Islands
  17. 17.Samantha , Best Actress in a Leading Role Oscar nominee for The Collector
  18. 18.1897 symphonic poem by Paul Dukas
  19. 19.Jean-Baptiste-Camille , French artist whose works include 1871s The Marsh at Arleux
  20. 20.See 12
  21. 21.Harry S , president of the US from 1945-53
  22. 22.Ilie , 1972 US Open singles tennis championship winner
  23. 23.Thomas , 1991-92 WBA Light Heavyweight champion
  24. 24.1932 PG Wodehouse novel featuring characters Jane Opal and Packy Franklyn
  25. 25.Jawaharlal , prime minister of India from 1947-64

Crossword Answers 911