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  1. 1.Refectory entrance destroyed without rubble, initially
  2. 2.Boar is travelling line on a map
  3. 3.Predicament for woman after flipping lid
  4. 4.Bound to change diet
  5. 5.Chap gets information on time
  6. 6.Left primate with small mistake
  7. 7.Incline towards nurse
  8. 8.German gets free network
  9. 9.Act it out in the loft
  10. 10.Tame recipe for beef, say
  11. 11.Fairy of superiority
  12. 12.Speaker or messenger
  13. 13.Serious-sounding fellow
  14. 14.Alternatively, a politician's rhetorical skill
  15. 15.Lack a young woman
  16. 16.Happy with what's inside
  17. 17.Rookie acted oddly
  18. 18.Raid failed without water
  19. 19.Green tea brewed for youngster
  20. 20.Got closer to listener in wrong end
  21. 21.Trendy to guide to roundabout
  22. 22.Procure from strange tradesman
  23. 23.Lauds quiet lifts
  24. 24.It's a new way to relax
  25. 25.Parade a personal design
  26. 26.Happy to find this writer right by railway
  27. 27.Look noble
  28. 28.Tear off at speed
  29. 29.The pig sat preparing Italian food
  30. 30.Reversible blade hub?
  31. 31.Permission to go
  32. 32.Devoured more than seven, say
  33. 33.Marched around bend
  34. 34.Pistol left in bed
  35. 35.Guide straight
  36. 36.Drama involving a rope
  37. 37.Man set out part of a flower
  38. 38.Heard end of story
  39. 39.Exclude from pub
  40. 40.Teacher back in prison
  41. 41.Press joins small clubs
  42. 42.An appealing sort of accent
  43. 43.Unable to hear notes fade out
  44. 44.Plate shaped like a bit of blossom
  45. 45.Note nothing regarding blood
  46. 46.I clear out a small cake
  47. 47.Search crate out
  48. 48.Follow diamonds, say, in sports attire
  49. 49.Convenience for mild soldiers
  50. 50.Arrange mat onto seat
  51. 51.Zig-zagging right in a trice, drunkenly
  52. 52.Study of cadences
  53. 53.For every boy is individual
  54. 54.Stop sailor spreading rot
  55. 55.A massage on a Caribbean island
  56. 56.Gloomy about new building material
  57. 57.Unable to hear notes fade out
  58. 58.Afterwards from both ends
  59. 59.Remaining to one side
  60. 60.Provide soldier with victory in Europe
  61. 61.Sharp as a group of detectives
  62. 62.Walk to entrance, say
  63. 63.Claimed to be working in tens
  64. 64.You and I have nothing but sadness
  65. 65.Equestrian clause
  66. 66.Debit organised for porcelain fixture
  67. 67.Actions in legal agreements
  68. 68.Rinse out warning device
  69. 69.Set broken leg
  70. 70.Mad icon moved like a traveller
  71. 71.Final use of salt
  72. 72.Way out of planet
  73. 73.Sound feeble for a few days
  74. 74.Trade in lead production
  75. 75.Inclination to be corrupt
  76. 76.Reportedly drew an amphibian
  77. 77.The picture contains story
  78. 78.Craig turned into smoker
  79. 79.Flowers garlanded in sleigh
  80. 80.Eton changed in quality

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