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Date: 9-January-2019 | Page 1 of 1 | Crossword Answers 911

  1. 1.A number of instruments for closing 15 across with sulphur
  2. 2.It tends to pull some strings for product placement in The Sound of Music
  3. 3.Initial flavour in exotic Mirin is weak
  4. 4.I dare say, Rays missing in theory
  5. 5.Teacher with a number of gowns perhaps and mortarboards
  6. 6.Great scope for country house with farm buildings
  7. 7.Sweetheart in family is free of drugs
  8. 8.Exposes corruption to 10 across on bender hearing Hugh is consumed by Scottish weed
  9. 9.Ran to men working in The Cabinet
  10. 10.Does a similar job in 15 across for the character witnesses, in short
  11. 11.Pressure to receive order from judge
  12. 12.Collaborates without locals out on the lake for pleasure
  13. 13.One of those with bug let siren off
  14. 14.Bad feeling as gas main not working
  15. 15.King Lear has no link to show of displeasure
  16. 16.It comes as a disappointment to Hook
  17. 17.In part, Christian Gershwin rubs people up the wrong way
  18. 18.Upsets everyone in bar in foreign capital
  19. 19.Half of whats in 7 down working on the campaign for Reuters
  20. 20.Tablet is for two family members and one of the chisellers
  21. 21.Footage of modern school sounds genuine
  22. 22.Relative gets a release
  23. 23.Doing what those in 24 across are capable of is like doing work in Ring
  24. 24.Pretty as a picture since changing college
  25. 25.Couple of beastly figures up north capable of getting away with murder
  26. 26.Powerful blow found in Washingtons Watergate
  27. 27.Before noon in a Mediterranean island, go for a speciality repast
  28. 28.Ned is not in the West End for the dinner