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Date: 8-November-2018 | Page 1 of 1 | Crossword Answers 911

  1. 1.Make adjustments in time in firm?
  2. 2.A type of holiday popular before Easter or at the end of 6 down, for instance
  3. 3.Local pressure from the police department to renounce report of what The Suns fans are looking for
  4. 4.Judge or criminal? The key is in the hint!
  5. 5.In the middle of overcompensating without optic nerves
  6. 6.Temporary occupant of port city in Germany hasnt finished engineering
  7. 7.Finishes Sangiovese, S?millon and musty Merlot around the end of autumn? Thats some admission!
  8. 8.Starts over in Spain going into respite at top sanatorium
  9. 9.Failed to keep up with upsetting settlement covering horse thats overdue
  10. 10.Some gangs terrorising out of a feeling of unease
  11. 11.Cracking jokes to Commission - thatll shut them up!
  12. 12.Resist the temptation to show off trainers
  13. 13.Clandestine group admits backing church writing
  14. 14.Makes fun of music backing on lyrical-poetry cover single
  15. 15.Band Aid - is that what we most associate with Queen or is that off the wall?
  16. 16.Maiden from old city taken in by Guiana rogue at port
  17. 17.Leading The Blues to The Hills central meeting point for The Liffeysiders, for example
  18. 18.Its relative to documentaries dismissing red meat
  19. 19.Use a straw for the nog and dont tell your granny how to do it
  20. 20.Heartless place by church with English and French school
  21. 21.Support case at society for man of letters
  22. 22.Financial authority opens unfinished building unit, sold by the yard
  23. 23.Speculates symphonist fails to get hymn
  24. 24.Elbow room at the counter in The Long Key
  25. 25.See plans changed for lack of colour
  26. 26.Complex with best charter is far too fussy
  27. 27.Put in the oven old glacial sand deposit found in type of fuel
  28. 28.Barman near Trim has a plan