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Date: 8-February-2019 | Page 1 of 1 | Crossword Answers 911

  1. 1.Pupil leaves splinter group in better condition
  2. 2.A motto rewritten to gardeners delight, for instance
  3. 3.Old family servant is not the first consumed by Eritrea unrest
  4. 4.Nocturnal flighty types in combat ship
  5. 5.Intimidated by a loud break-in
  6. 6.Theyre the extra costs of Breaking Dad, son
  7. 7.Great ape of a famous revolutionary camouflages one road and most of the tank
  8. 8.State regime change involves Frenchmen and new general
  9. 9.Credited with removing DIRT? Ill give you that!
  10. 10.See out of sage-green country house
  11. 11.Concealed by Greta Garbo setting up theatre
  12. 12.Ruin in Ulster has nothing to do with The Rising
  13. 13.Branch of old party get the picture
  14. 14.Renovators root out a number of birds
  15. 15.At ones wits end with drugs that unravel around island
  16. 16.Pays for employing Shire horse with no shoes
  17. 17.Not to mention the last of the grain in beer thats particularly fresh
  18. 18.Most of the address by Lady Luck in Hard Times perhaps
  19. 19.Youre doing this now to take a stand against upsetting column by deputy head at The Maze?
  20. 20.Guy Henry is central to odd thing thats for women only
  21. 21.The decorators building pantries
  22. 22.Fail to settle in New York over broadcast by secretary to workers with trade
  23. 23.Sparkler unearthed in excavations
  24. 24.Counts half of those in 21 down at school
  25. 25.Sample of juice, baguette and something for a headache
  26. 26.Combine with the extremes of Joseph Stalin
  27. 27.Retreat from pelt found on a thoroughfare
  28. 28.Bass for group with The Edge