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Date: 8-August-2018 | Page 1 of 1 | Crossword Answers 911

  1. 1.Party taking in organisation employs a number of mouldy, foodie types
  2. 2.Alarm over Bill sending back manuscript which causes a stink
  3. 3.Mention a play to recommend
  4. 4.Its not us losing the head with biblical figure - it could be the wise guys
  5. 5.Inexperienced novice from Cork is one of those with an attachment to The Wall
  6. 6.What was the function of The Gathering?
  7. 7.Hooligan from Split is on holiday
  8. 8.Some control a temper - its long overdue
  9. 9.Forcibly remove our top model
  10. 10.Rendezvous to announce team backing youth centre park
  11. 11.Fear of copper finding whats illegally obtained mostly from bank hold-up
  12. 12.Questions determination of big house to get a computer connection
  13. 13.Comes as a blow to dishy type on bender holding the party drinks
  14. 14.Provide service for bartenders getting rid of tabs
  15. 15.By all means get rid of meany in the pool room
  16. 16.No wind in New Delhi or down the bottom of Italy perhaps
  17. 17.Leaderless factions in Rome warned about them
  18. 18.Its not easy to express surprise on avenue
  19. 19.Youve probably heard this locally, in a manner of speaking
  20. 20.In favour of initial talk to serve notice to security
  21. 21.Tips on back of envelope by one of those down the pits
  22. 22.Heartless Duce with military force surrounded at diplomatic mission
  23. 23.Saunter wandering around lake with a number of those who arent committed either way
  24. 24.Fish from old big boat is fairly set out in a number of lots for Americans
  25. 25.Ration out cooks local tea
  26. 26.Crazy about what Taser can do
  27. 27.Put into words episode about regiment
  28. 28.Charged with this - alongside journalist?