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Date: 6-November-2018 | Page 1 of 1 | Crossword Answers 911

  1. 1.Agent finishes 12 across with One Direction offering to keep an eye or two on The Doors
  2. 2.Put away with low-ranking type from 5 down, for example? Make a humiliating apology!
  3. 3.Peter Sellers cuts tree for the witches perhaps
  4. 4.Its a ferocious struggle getting boxer to box
  5. 5.Upsets everyone in bar in foreign capital
  6. 6.Gradually destroy drugs found on both sides of bar
  7. 7.The thickest hooligan loses the head and takes drugs in race
  8. 8.Find fault with best area for the swingers to target
  9. 9.Takeaway drugs for someone paying a flat fee
  10. 10.Cider producer to break up with sweet type
  11. 11.Some people are afraid of them after Anglo collapse and, if we go there, are we going into a disputed area?
  12. 12.Attends at a recital, for instance, in authentic practice in the abbey
  13. 13.Selling property to a South African bishop in north Dublin is simple
  14. 14.American accountant, doctors, medics - all working in teaching institute
  15. 15.Really big Fords removed from bed of roses
  16. 16.Pulse is fast on one learner driver
  17. 17.Part of Malaga invokes another time
  18. 18.Youd expect to be better after this dicky remedy, for the most part
  19. 19.Heal or cure in Asian city
  20. 20.Turning up nice street with sense of purpose, leaders seeking attention
  21. 21.From rock bottom, goes all the way to the top with most of them at the end of 11 down
  22. 22.The bad tempered old woman replacing H.R.R. Diana?
  23. 23.Cover made look good at the centre is a bit of devilment
  24. 24.Tailor-made without model for a dippy Indian type
  25. 25.Bluebell relative packs for those going across The Pond
  26. 26.Slag off singalongs for uncovering things belonging to others
  27. 27.Archer hit middle of the battleground setting up attack again
  28. 28.Restrain worker from getting caught by paramilitaries