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Date: 5-December-2018 | Page 1 of 1 | Crossword Answers 911

  1. 1.Set up to start trouble for a short war in North America
  2. 2.A slice of Christmas pudding is similar to one of those in the end of 15 across
  3. 3.Place in Waterford for delegate
  4. 4.Part of the body with a revolutionary pain at the top
  5. 5.Note in Vogue held by gambler
  6. 6.What do you make of 9 across in Crush?
  7. 7.Meditate over fragment of Nietzsche wisdom
  8. 8.Temporary occupant of port city in Germany hasnt finished engineering
  9. 9.Group of shops around a place keeping the faith in the units
  10. 10.Takeaway 24 across from small dance
  11. 11.Discuss the job of removing leader of the hunt and a fair amount of 25 across
  12. 12.Spuds offering the makings of more than one of those in 24 across
  13. 13.Beers on a craft carried by the waves
  14. 14.Soul mate writing in French romance produces cover up thats useful to those in 18 across
  15. 15.An old chestnut - Sam is off the chemicals
  16. 16.Pub set up by sommelier in The Cellar in private quarters
  17. 17.Part of the theorem overcompensates to take off
  18. 18.Old writer has only a fair amount for all to see
  19. 19.Wraps 23 down for final programmes
  20. 20.Moving back and forth doing the rounds can be a pest
  21. 21.Ultimate play set in ship excites
  22. 22.If Baudelaire loses aura it will go down well
  23. 23.Teased criminal with dope
  24. 24.Follow those on the board for the final parts of the stories
  25. 25.Stole loan from Al Capone
  26. 26.Caused some damage to 9 across? Theyre found in 25 across!
  27. 27.Sounds like Daly has television excerpts of those holding things together in The Office
  28. 28.Assistance sought in hospital for right-hand man