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  1. 1.Sentimental Italian jerk
  2. 2.Cabling coming out of Buckingham Palace and from old part of Asia
  3. 3.Relative loses head with whats free
  4. 4.Place for the young plants is a feature of Limerick round and round the garden
  5. 5.Look for damages after minor relative loses the head with the heirs
  6. 6.Transport French wine by midnight and use it to cut whats for Sunday dinner
  7. 7.For younger horses, a trip that usually contains a water feature - first time out one might crack open the champagne
  8. 8.Tie up that mess overshadowing a college
  9. 9.Drop a line to sweet thing - a dishy type in the seafood restaurant
  10. 10.Sympathisers disregard parish structure
  11. 11.Delves into the foundations of banking technique
  12. 12.Shooting star in remote adaptation
  13. 13.Contains forged uncles ID
  14. 14.Sharpshooter misses? Oops - hell wreck the place!
  15. 15.Chaperon drops pen in the fresh water
  16. 16.Reports of woman from Rising organising around square
  17. 17.Queen, The Clash, or Chicago, in a gambling sense?
  18. 18.Mysterious cleric from Ring
  19. 19.Turns up, one managed endless overseas players and headed scouting expedition to see The Lions and The Jaguars
  20. 20.Is rather sweet during the break describing Hamlet
  21. 21.Trainee soldier informally loses head with major
  22. 22.For either partner setting up duty roster at Number 10 and providing work for the musicians
  23. 23.Theres no pleasing purist nun with a frog in her throat
  24. 24.Dismissing someone renting a home in the middle of Mongolia
  25. 25.Soldier mixes General a non-alcoholic spicy drink
  26. 26.Contributes to The Gloss in Paris and in Warsaw
  27. 27.Shirt-maker hasnt got this to say
  28. 28.Companies serve up small duck in wine

Crossword Answers 911