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Date: 16-April-2018 | Page 1 of 1 | Crossword Answers 911

  1. 1.A referendum has nothing to do with The Sun
  2. 2.Old oil painting of Somalian model
  3. 3.Land leads to a meandering river
  4. 4.Is this what Sisyphus will always do for a cigarette?
  5. 5.What the restaurants promoting going over Innsbruck border from Oriental train in a particular area
  6. 6.Honey rings a legend from the Parsley family
  7. 7.Type of college life is appealing to 17 down
  8. 8.Fresh alternative to lamb, for one, in cold storage
  9. 9.Some coffee choices to reproduce
  10. 10.Don removed from boy band is a bundle of joy
  11. 11.Sample of Pinot Grigio was produced in America
  12. 12.Best offer for mature wine, for instance, knocked over by a Rioja producer
  13. 13.Revenge for the contest in court, for example (1,4,3,3,4)
  14. 14.Agent raises my problem
  15. 15.One of those at deaths door is waiting at Departures
  16. 16.No Tories in epistolary drama
  17. 17.Lack of interest in a passage at the end of The Great Gatsby
  18. 18.Young lady duly left in great distress
  19. 19.Immersed in developing Leningrad valley
  20. 20.Type of programme for 24 down to demonstrate
  21. 21.Half of 25 across on bush clipped - the manager went through it and took it down to the ground
  22. 22.Some forthcoming amendment could be a distraction
  23. 23.Educator produced a computer-aided design to train mice
  24. 24.Sent for a jar on the beach
  25. 25.Chorus gets one of the juniors to sing the praises of the man upstairs
  26. 26.Safe for single Frenchmen on a foreign break from the centre
  27. 27.Anne IV retires to European city
  28. 28.One of those supporting the Electric Light Orchestra perhaps, is wired-in with powerful connections