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Date: 15-May-2019 | Page 1 of 1 | Crossword Answers 911

  1. 1.Pal leaves appeals in the section of the church
  2. 2.A foreign method for emptying place is discourteous
  3. 3.No sense in Messenger offering the start of an idea
  4. 4.Mark consumed by Gibraltar getaway
  5. 5.Literary agent drops elegant collectors item
  6. 6.Type of work thats in your face can help get something off your chest perhaps
  7. 7.Is well disposed towards popular college bars
  8. 8.Theyre organised to slow down the traffic of drugs primarily targeting upsetting practice in Ring
  9. 9.Having ones fill of the chair losing the head
  10. 10.The limits to social housing on Raglan Road, for instance
  11. 11.Fools turn up almost saint-like meeting detective
  12. 12.Selection drops lot of family members
  13. 13.Cut short takeover, as cant ignore head resident
  14. 14.Peaks within despotism in retrospect
  15. 15.Bishop does someone a service with musicians
  16. 16.One of the Magi informed on Pops
  17. 17.Medic or coordinator fails to get on air
  18. 18.Lodger in The Shoe dated and won over graduate
  19. 19.What the strikers have to face? Champions!
  20. 20.Key opens 9 across unnaturally rigged by bounty hunter
  21. 21.Trouble in bed and breakfast with missing starter of meat of cow
  22. 22.Is able to absorb fluids with soup or broth
  23. 23.They have a thing for bars the medical practitioners use
  24. 24.For the men only in Fleet exiting stage left
  25. 25.Take for granted part of the overseas sum earned
  26. 26.Dirty player isnt destined for the bigger stage
  27. 27.Pigs ruin building - its what youd expect from rebellious behaviour
  28. 28.Consumed by Channel Goose flying back from valley