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Date: 15-March-2019 | Page 1 of 1 | Crossword Answers 911

  1. 1.A-list choir medley from a former era
  2. 2.Mistakes engineering on Rolls Royce for the gold standard initially
  3. 3.Lampoon teacher over a primary text at the beginning of essay
  4. 4.Gives credit to those making up stories in bookmakers joint?
  5. 5.Unfinished American city opens in chaos and it divides Europe and the New World
  6. 6.Fragment of dogma technically derived from partner
  7. 7.Those with familial connections to mushrooms on both sides of borders
  8. 8.Expecting heads of public relations enterprise to fly over Pole
  9. 9.System put in place to water down European capital overwhelmed violently in riot
  10. 10.Coppers description of climate change around central Ireland
  11. 11.Representative of a fairly hard-working type
  12. 12.Amirs not involved in war crimes team
  13. 13.Players backbone opened by those in the theatre, not the main ones
  14. 14.Address for man hanging around Ulster churchman
  15. 15.Nightspots for the kings and queens
  16. 16.Makes an effort for first time to seduce head of state
  17. 17.Hires one playing very brave women
  18. 18.Went to restaurant tea dance on holiday
  19. 19.Fragment of Ecce Homo referenced to boot
  20. 20.Turn ones back on sunlit complex
  21. 21.Finishes with 17 down and partners friends from school
  22. 22.The Examiner is looking for evidence of a bad habit
  23. 23.Dont forget viral phenomenon about old teacher retiring
  24. 24.Scared of setting up private account briefly for foreign footballers
  25. 25.Concealed description of The Invisible Man
  26. 26.Rascals admit starting trouble where some are taught to be fast on the draw
  27. 27.Agreed to be taken out of ringside seat? Thats it - I kid you not!
  28. 28.Old magazine reviews issue