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Date: 14-April-2018 | Page 1 of 1 | Crossword Answers 911

  1. 1.Sycophants dismiss head of state in Asian country
  2. 2.Acted the eejit and deceived Nick Bottom, for instance
  3. 3.Naturally occurring material found in rainforests
  4. 4.Sounds like something coming out of 24 down will annoy one with retirement plan
  5. 5.Loses the head with unfriendly type thats not getting any younger
  6. 6.Shape of one of the builders
  7. 7.Its revolting place for small church
  8. 8.Ruin in Montmartre?
  9. 9.Good books can be a conversation starter or a tragedy
  10. 10.Rescue pupil in wild
  11. 11.Dramatic work by writer of The Spanish in Death rubbished - did The Star do it?
  12. 12.Relative returns to Trim briefly from Lima for a breather
  13. 13.Type of company to pullback sacrificing Kabul
  14. 14.Copy from Ireland all over US College and a writers centre
  15. 15.Really strong desire for drink for a number of years
  16. 16.The lead in Antigone at The Abbey isnt finished - for one, thats based on theoretical deduction
  17. 17.Both sides of funny story in Spitfire
  18. 18.Produced rose oil for the birds
  19. 19.The devils tattle removed from Old Testament
  20. 20.Back on the theatre with most of them in the stalls
  21. 21.One of those maybe in half of 28 down can be messy
  22. 22.Suggestively looks at record about whats agreed at university
  23. 23.More than one Doubting Thomas upsets every barman from one American city
  24. 24.Some roadmap languishing in architects drawer
  25. 25.Jam and Status Quo exploit a loophole to their advantage
  26. 26.Sets off alarm - it relates to those who might be in the wars?
  27. 27.Healthy workout for characters in Mayo gang
  28. 28.Reverses wagon out the back
  29. 29.Gives a helping hand in some air-raid shelters
  30. 30.Reports state is fundamentally empty
  31. 31.Crown and diamonds one made to order
  32. 32.Record by composer on the radio
  33. 33.Transport carrying around young leaders from the Sea Guides
  34. 34.Challenge for most of 30 across
  35. 35.Puts on boots for more than one side today
  36. 36.The foreign chronicle about Nationalist dishy type between the sheets
  37. 37.Bananas from country cut short for a cake
  38. 38.Pound - one of the symbols of old European country?