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Date: 13-September-2018 | Page 1 of 1 | Crossword Answers 911

  1. 1.Off the top of ones head in Mumbai Square, its a characteristic of the city
  2. 2.Bars windy type, in the first place, from The House
  3. 3.Map covering where in France a director uses to film Resistance capturing the vermin
  4. 4.Locum doctor linked to bank takeover of Ivy League college
  5. 5.Iris is a bit of a looker
  6. 6.Throws in the towel and tediously misses out
  7. 7.His organisation has control over new business person providing jobs for those working overseas
  8. 8.Somehow glued in to what the navigator is looking for
  9. 9.Get to see the children with Jenny around Cork and Clare
  10. 10.Serves up restaurant order thats covered in grease
  11. 11.Emerge with a starter of passion fruit
  12. 12.Remove the walrus from quiet road
  13. 13.Consider in a different light most of the actual engineering found in two ships
  14. 14.Opens manacles in stockade to take prisoner by mistake
  15. 15.Biblical story that needs no introduction is tailor-made for The Ploughing
  16. 16.Material is cut for delivery to your building
  17. 17.Makes light of the material from coastline around port
  18. 18.Laid eyes on without nosey model
  19. 19.What the bossy mother-of-the-bride might do on the hen night to keep things from getting out of control
  20. 20.Idiot found covered in arsenic taken to task for looking for a bucket of steam (1,41,6)
  21. 21.Strike in British capital
  22. 22.Guess you can expect the homemaker to arrive at this?
  23. 23.Set up for take, mostly on nice street, for A Cry of Joy
  24. 24.Finishing school, going to Australia for new start preserves those promising everything will come out in the wash
  25. 25.Rents complex from Government with most of the power
  26. 26.Describes a time of the year in new manual about Utah
  27. 27.Raises my problem with The Messenger
  28. 28.Bloodthirsty parasite has what the spies use to listen in on honey trap perhaps

Crossword Answers 911