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Date: 13-May-2019 | Page 1 of 1 | Crossword Answers 911

  1. 1.Leave a lasting impression amidst bayonet charge
  2. 2.A couple of sailors from old part of the east
  3. 3.Is not open or shut?
  4. 4.Has a good look with fashionable glasses around Turks Head
  5. 5.Friend from Galway admits Henry Desmond is played by The Party members
  6. 6.Turns over top strip joint, for the most part, taking direction from figures of the court
  7. 7.Evasive family losing the head with Frank
  8. 8.The way to go to develop a thought, in part
  9. 9.Clip of fool in 2 down in charge of disease with no known cause
  10. 10.Presumably, Scarecrow should have gone to see one crown distinctive winner
  11. 11.Cashing in ones chips over resistance to smoking in a way
  12. 12.No permit in Maritime Alps for cured sausage
  13. 13.Athlete fired by club
  14. 14.Name for some computer mouse
  15. 15.A rug from Portugal? Thats one for the books!
  16. 16.Last drugs deal with partygoer
  17. 17.Have a quick look at couples supporting school plan
  18. 18.Grapes for one in hospital containing more juiciness than usual
  19. 19.Typical of a mother and wife to mobilise over last altercation
  20. 20.Fondness for most small, wild snakes
  21. 21.They exchange notes in bar on weekend with the court officials
  22. 22.Designing clean technology initially for cutting-edge stuff in The Theatre?
  23. 23.Sobers up without Rose in a number of bars
  24. 24.Characters compare a screenplays parts
  25. 25.Peter out of marathon and is strapped
  26. 26.Broadcast by a number of musicians on the radio by the pilots stations?
  27. 27.Neuroscientist has no interest in relative
  28. 28.A sign about 1,000 military forces