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Date: 13-June-2018 | Page 1 of 1 | Crossword Answers 911

  1. 1.No hotel in South Pole thats a major work of art
  2. 2.Shorting the Pound? That will bring a smile to ones face!
  3. 3.Manages to find these in the sacristy for the priests
  4. 4.Keeps the rust away from family in boat with gear thats waterproof
  5. 5.Hunted illegally in part of Mayo for the breakfast and is definitely in hot water
  6. 6.Vast numbers on both sides of legal profession
  7. 7.Frenchman retires drunk and its the jolliest time!
  8. 8.Takes advantage of money and ecstasy and deadly type of 2 down, for instance
  9. 9.Drugs in prison changed those who dont take a drink
  10. 10.Some desperado ran German order
  11. 11.Commend soft approach by gambler
  12. 12.Rare award at university for Joyce
  13. 13.Bookings for the players?
  14. 14.Odd things seen during dark periods
  15. 15.Acceptable behaviour of dance troop and company by law
  16. 16.New patio on front entrance has a relaxing quality when taken in
  17. 17.Left sweetheart with malaria in lodge
  18. 18.Is on Right in political party with no leader - its causes? Chaos!
  19. 19.Woos Simon away from consortiums
  20. 20.Have ones heart set on responsively releasing spoilers
  21. 21.Top-secret authoritarian type caught in long grass
  22. 22.French neighbour takes flag from old European capital
  23. 23.Source of regret in pulpit? Yes!
  24. 24.Control the number of workers initially threatened by somebody in administration?
  25. 25.Similar to 11 across, sign of fighting in the conflict on estate
  26. 26.Checked with a German in research and development that its on trend
  27. 27.Philanderers have no relish to play to the crowd
  28. 28.Apostle dismisses Lot and section of The Church