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Date: 12-September-2018 | Page 1 of 1 | Crossword Answers 911

  1. 1.Source of apprehension in garden waste
  2. 2.Autographs of most of The Omen characters
  3. 3.Resist the temptation to show off trainers
  4. 4.Pound, guinea and 14 down
  5. 5.More than one young fox has kittens leaving Athens
  6. 6.Top Guns all about mood of colourless, volatile, watery types
  7. 7.Keeps The Suits in check within earshot of the leadership
  8. 8.Those involved in a row in boat are usually twisted in tight spaces and wont be easily dislodged
  9. 9.Its not cheeky to have a high opinion of good books
  10. 10.Theres no VAT in Tel Aviv - thats just morally wrong!
  11. 11.Group in The House getting taught a number of lessons
  12. 12.The Stones great composer
  13. 13.Fights off old party leader for the present
  14. 14.Takes it easy immersed in providing work for the builders
  15. 15.Charlie follows old partner to work with justification
  16. 16.Seismic zone, for instance, of some similar earthquake
  17. 17.Religious edict located in Istanbul library
  18. 18.One of those forward types complain getting this from defensive type, to boot
  19. 19.Worships images of tailored dress
  20. 20.Made it a condition Germany named mysterious director
  21. 21.Took a stroll down Memory Lane with Bellow going into the grass
  22. 22.Judges sentence remarkably is in code
  23. 23.Thick Russian flower on far side of Bucharest has value
  24. 24.Hacks writers forum for academic achievements
  25. 25.The type of position thats likely to upset others in the quick sand
  26. 26.Get this from the bar for the swingers before the 19th hole presumably
  27. 27.The piece in the paper on Titanic, for example, is everything youd expect from the management
  28. 28.Daisys relative is following loud music thats got a quicker tempo