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Date: 12-June-2018 | Page 1 of 1 | Crossword Answers 911

  1. 1.Part of the rap or such rubbish
  2. 2.A star from club is charged in South American capital
  3. 3.Little doubt cousins plan includes setting up address
  4. 4.Include autodidact, originally a man of many parts
  5. 5.Holds the distinction of being taken in by Venice tycoon
  6. 6.Vehicle for Rocky Hoggs famous paintings
  7. 7.Foundations at the base presumably does the job of those higher up, temporarily
  8. 8.The Stones on key coming out of The Cellar?
  9. 9.Engaged to Sue in production
  10. 10.Spots half a Guinness - what would you expect from a tearaway?
  11. 11.Designs V-engine for mini with a little black number
  12. 12.Sharp-eyed type bravest on manoeuvres
  13. 13.Cavalryman takes Moll out in small hours
  14. 14.Reproduce Muesli mix containing first of the almonds and last of the fruit
  15. 15.Adrian is out in the Mediterranean
  16. 16.Outfit finishes with 18 across
  17. 17.Knock off early and leave the books with no end in sight
  18. 18.Humiliates absent Thai put out for breakfast
  19. 19.Well-to-do retiring foreign footballers can be eloquent in a manner of speaking
  20. 20.Graduate to object to those in the pack offering beach outfits
  21. 21.Thrilled by story set up by writer
  22. 22.First person from America consumed by character builders among the wise guys
  23. 23.Takes cues from sheet music and belief in the creator
  24. 24.Drug dealer loses head with escort
  25. 25.Sign over English house produced with old money
  26. 26.Cleaned up three articles from three countries using blue pencil
  27. 27.Serves up the foreign beer endlessly from the very start of speech
  28. 28.Briefly study issue with some common sense