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  1. 1.Persian is briefly isolated on one summit on archipelago in Spain
  2. 2.British surprise soldier in Welsh cardigan
  3. 3.Not necessary to have milk and honey
  4. 4.Miraculously removes oily beefy type
  5. 5.Made fun of sedate criminal
  6. 6.The Verve produced by one of The Shadows?
  7. 7.Is this the rank that managed the police department?
  8. 8.Take cab from log cabins giving someone the slip
  9. 9.Expose what bent coppers wont do
  10. 10.Short drama from uplifting manuscript initially adapted for television
  11. 11.Drunk very sour type on site for good measure perhaps
  12. 12.Run out of large part of the church
  13. 13.Contests firm is getting 1000 written protests with signatures
  14. 14.Playing the part of the truant, for instance, from educational institute where one learns how to perform like the fool
  15. 15.Carries around bearing for a number of breathing apparatuses
  16. 16.People tend to open up for them, as they are capable of building bridges
  17. 17.Neighbours lose the head with lawsuit as its an arbitrary command
  18. 18.Men preparing to join Union in possession of new funds
  19. 19.Work out rulings from integral calculus
  20. 20.Loyal members of The Mob
  21. 21.The latest trend - brief romantic date with fianc?e
  22. 22.Heartless OAP consumed by constituent running away for the match
  23. 23.Statue built by port yard in an insightful manner
  24. 24.Employ counsel from Donegal with the last of the money? Dont spend it all in the one shop!
  25. 25.Sensitivity to gourmet food?
  26. 26.Dispelled someones fear about rip-off French wine served up last month
  27. 27.Refuse to give in to banks research scientist
  28. 28.Classification of duty on order for medium-to-top-yacht

Crossword Answers 911