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Date: 11-January-2019 | Page 1 of 1 | Crossword Answers 911

  1. 1.Part payments for butchers topsides
  2. 2.A pint of plain contains sustenance that needs no introduction - its as plain as the nose on ones face
  3. 3.One of those forgettable types of academicians dropping acid
  4. 4.Marshal from Orient?
  5. 5.Knock off Number One, for instance, with short record by group
  6. 6.Very similar search for something positive on Facebook
  7. 7.Keen for a cut at flyweight at the centre
  8. 8.Swingers warning about old city commotion
  9. 9.Freeloaders see red vacating whats essentially the country life
  10. 10.Short section in song about women in The Ring
  11. 11.Finishes the lot and takes drugs to stay awake
  12. 12.Prize for playing chess in The Press
  13. 13.Custodian of Cork hill
  14. 14.Partition is the work of the judge and British monarch - one needs to put words to that for a film
  15. 15.Aim to get out of magicians shell
  16. 16.Opportunities for officer playing casinos
  17. 17.Most of the analysis on promissory notes is academic
  18. 18.Leaves follower behind with running soles
  19. 19.Went smoothly for director general setting up over new deli
  20. 20.Keep things cool in state after broadcast
  21. 21.University in Art Deco building with society of professors
  22. 22.Heard from the beginning, the babes out there understand that lingo!
  23. 23.Short? Not in factory ship - relax!
  24. 24.Freakish exercise to take out short fiction writer
  25. 25.Representative centres of Official Unionist cynicism
  26. 26.Do ones best around Eve Cook?
  27. 27.Pops cert out in anticipation
  28. 28.Clear out with a Tibet model

Crossword Answers 911