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  1. 1.Principal is on strike from the start and queues to get the attention of the journalists
  2. 2.Address most of the drugs coming from Switzerland
  3. 3.Most of the wine from narrow range of hills is best consumed first thing in the morning
  4. 4.Marry off army officer to one of those in a position of authority
  5. 5.Handout for gas fitter shedding tears
  6. 6.Visit baron about the after-effects of earthquake
  7. 7.Explains the photographs as officer is on tour
  8. 8.Thought of wild enigma in The Papers
  9. 9.Energetic part of the play, for example, linked to direction
  10. 10.Socialised with one of those types in public house in Manhattan, for example
  11. 11.Classes of accountant, for example, welcomed by Conservatives
  12. 12.Second prize for swimmer
  13. 13.Carved up first course in new delis
  14. 14.Providing a terrible sample at the airport
  15. 15.Amirs not involved in war crimes by sailors
  16. 16.One of those in the Mallow family removing plantain from national park
  17. 17.Most of the investigation in Oxford is looking to recruit dealers perhaps
  18. 18.Its about the here and now for society and what that symbolises
  19. 19.Where you might have seen The Fugitive dining out over popular address
  20. 20.For example, Henry the Sixth, from the start, was one of the early invaders of Ireland
  21. 21.Typical case of popular policy
  22. 22.Escape passages, of course, for those in 10 across getting off
  23. 23.Speculator misses cues provided by those doing the monitoring
  24. 24.Difference of opinion in The Branch
  25. 25.Servicewoman sacrifices romances with conviction
  26. 26.Characters in Odessa edited Review of Theories
  27. 27.Scheme received from one bearing false witness
  28. 28.Banks not by choice produced flyer

Crossword Answers 911