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  1. 1.Activists concern on paper about gangster meeting a Russian leader - its reason to be fearful
  2. 2.Battery for hotel in Russia and school in Denmark
  3. 3.Beam held by self-deprecating ringleader
  4. 4.Billy loses the head with a fair amount of Arabic verse - its the stress!
  5. 5.Briefly study issue with some common sense
  6. 6.Chance to talk about vegetable starter and head of cabbage
  7. 7.Characters heirs welcoming doctor of divinity visibly blushing
  8. 8.Charges Irish for getting out of fisheries
  9. 9.Closing pages by the pen of old journalist perhaps in decline
  10. 10.Count talking to missing king
  11. 11.Deposits upstart in new villa on Alpine summit
  12. 12.Drink for bleeding heart missing Dingle
  13. 13.Feel nostalgic for what borders on midsummer madness
  14. 14.Flighty type from university finds a grand concealed in distant place
  15. 15.Grounds for all sides today
  16. 16.Helpmate drops hem from a piece of the skirt
  17. 17.In retrospect, Aidan isnt finished taking credit for a pastoral setting
  18. 18.Institute in Shannon close to a nice part of the world?
  19. 19.It makes the heart grow fonder, briefly, being away from church
  20. 20.Lawyer admits Rocky Astor has been asked by the judge to watch The Young Offenders
  21. 21.Learns a sport from magazine
  22. 22.Literally releases alert of a symbol of Easter
  23. 23.New Irish in vessel heading for uninhabited islands in the Pacific
  24. 24.Ocean liner going around Sao Tiago Island
  25. 25.Picks a fight with accountant on drugs? Bother!
  26. 26.Put away in the delicatessen
  27. 27.Reason for such a slight mint sauce on duck and piece of cod given to peer group?
  28. 28.Set off with that woman after Judith, in the Biblical sense
  29. 29.Sought office in Lesser Antilles
  30. 30.Source of wool in Alabama, Pennsylvania and California
  31. 31.The greatest segment of lethal injection
  32. 32.Thirsty without this to test
  33. 33.To a certain extent, its fashionable on holiday?
  34. 34.To expose skeleton in a closet, American follows source for malicious gossip
  35. 35.Trademark Cajun sample served up from the pack
  36. 36.Undergraduates ignoring great Danes language
  37. 37.Wild cat strike at foundation after college introduces line, ominously, in good books
  38. 38.Woe is me at the end of 36 across
  39. 39.A skier travels over old German mountains and other bits of land
  40. 40.A theologian and writer went on to say something more
  41. 41.A-list choir medley from a former era
  42. 42.Bottle of awesome alcohol for dinner
  43. 43.Censor describes the bad stuff from Partition
  44. 44.Criminal dealer for The Don, for example
  45. 45.Daring musical talent behind loud music at takeaway
  46. 46.Detour is crazy out of The Loop
  47. 47.Draught and wines for those coming in and out of the country
  48. 48.Elvis on a tour in Europe
  49. 49.Heartless old jailer is expected for Christmas
  50. 50.Impoverished worker gets script thats typical of one of those one of those scribblers in The Theatre
  51. 51.Iranian neighbour provides a party for Chinese ethnic group
  52. 52.Its a preference of mine to take it with biscuits at break time?
  53. 53.Made to read novel about leaders of Northern Europe
  54. 54.Moron leaves front room of castle
  55. 55.Mouthpieces have no love for the bikers investigating immoral practices
  56. 56.Part of the problem in trusting one of those making their own dough
  57. 57.Pens taken off pressman in ruins
  58. 58.Revolutionary part of protocol bolstered alliance
  59. 59.Some initial rumour about leading businessman in firm
  60. 60.Sorted out resolution for director
  61. 61.Spring 1915 or 1916, for example, for one of four?
  62. 62.Surprise Institute in Ulster with note to deliver to Lost Property Office
  63. 63.The asking price for the borders command post
  64. 64.The end of the line of British wild sheep
  65. 65.They pick on The Greens for those at The Gathering
  66. 66.Verified new date around one of the exams
  67. 67.A sad piper played Peter out
  68. 68.As the labourers see it, excellent head on pint of stout
  69. 69.Briefs a number of boxers
  70. 70.Capable of making a scene, as she paints all over the place
  71. 71.Careless friends holding up Dart
  72. 72.Checks out The Hearing with old Count briefly where theres capacity
  73. 73.Cops the mysterious type concealed by monitor
  74. 74.Denies one is missing essentials
  75. 75.Faith gets papers from Spain to go with a fair amount of technology
  76. 76.Feel a bit peculiar in whats an irritable spot
  77. 77.Group admits backing church writing at the start of 18 across
  78. 78.Has an influence on the count, as whats monitored is not in sodium carbonate
  79. 79.In order to remove Don from The Mob
  80. 80.Its obvious novice is in a bad way
  81. 81.Laird removed from Alexandrine wing
  82. 82.Nothing unusual about old road to institute that ran up by yard
  83. 83.Opening 14 across for leading backbencher to give out -Taoiseach would have no confidence in that sort of vote
  84. 84.Presumably, The Weather Girls recorded them with The Three Degrees and others
  85. 85.Raised from the ashes without crossing intelligence agency in old country
  86. 86.Sally follows engineer by train
  87. 87.Spies set up by those looking to stir things up
  88. 88.Stock and barrels destined for an assembly line of a major employer
  89. 89.Student of comedy perhaps is one to be admired
  90. 90.Take out local to back Red Rum
  91. 91.The most reserved call for silence? Certainly, its time!
  92. 92.The Observer intro is a revelation
  93. 93.Tip from opticians - avoid this if you dont like taking risks
  94. 94.Users rip off revelation
  95. 95.A foreign method for emptying place is discourteous
  96. 96.Bishop does someone a service with musicians
  97. 97.Consumed by Channel Goose flying back from valley
  98. 98.Cut short takeover, as cant ignore head resident
  99. 99.Dirty player isnt destined for the bigger stage
  100. 100.Fools turn up almost saint-like meeting detective
  101. 101.For the men only in Fleet exiting stage left
  102. 102.Having ones fill of the chair losing the head
  103. 103.Is able to absorb fluids with soup or broth
  104. 104.Is well disposed towards popular college bars
  105. 105.Key opens 9 across unnaturally rigged by bounty hunter
  106. 106.Literary agent drops elegant collectors item
  107. 107.Lodger in The Shoe dated and won over graduate
  108. 108.Mark consumed by Gibraltar getaway
  109. 109.Medic or coordinator fails to get on air
  110. 110.No sense in Messenger offering the start of an idea
  111. 111.One of the Magi informed on Pops
  112. 112.Pal leaves appeals in the section of the church
  113. 113.Peaks within despotism in retrospect
  114. 114.Pigs ruin building - its what youd expect from rebellious behaviour
  115. 115.Selection drops lot of family members
  116. 116.Take for granted part of the overseas sum earned
  117. 117.The limits to social housing on Raglan Road, for instance
  118. 118.They have a thing for bars the medical practitioners use
  119. 119.Theyre organised to slow down the traffic of drugs primarily targeting upsetting practice in Ring
  120. 120.Trouble in bed and breakfast with missing starter of meat of cow
  121. 121.Type of work thats in your face can help get something off your chest perhaps
  122. 122.What the strikers have to face? Champions!
  123. 123.An issue for the HSE? One is better off without it!
  124. 124.Central to committee thinking these are important to the consumers
  125. 125.Citadel in ruin is the very same
  126. 126.Criminal stole Kens remains
  127. 127.Does tail wag in quarantine?
  128. 128.Dry fortified wines for those in lounges preparing to take flight
  129. 129.From an educational prospective, master butcher argued over a bone
  130. 130.Gave a lecture on the bike
  131. 131.Humble Wordsworth works in Montana
  132. 132.Lift lid off casual drugs for those legally in possession
  133. 133.Made a play for amateur society in revolutionary first drama
  134. 134.Made ones mark with dress design
  135. 135.Meeting leaders perhaps misrepresented as rich
  136. 136.Most of the dish on paper is a level above the rest
  137. 137.Negative aspect to team in Ulster and Leinster, for example
  138. 138.Nothing to do with Irish and English writing is more mischievous
  139. 139.One school near Limerick and Clare, for example?
  140. 140.Pear tree must develop in various degrees of heat
  141. 141.Picked up first of the onions that aint fresh coming out of plot
  142. 142.Plagiarise review and column and take credit?
  143. 143.Players almost score from the start, breaking new ground across the turf
  144. 144.Source in The Yard keeps distance from The Sun?
  145. 145.Sweetheart reverses car in disgust
  146. 146.They have a reputation for employing rats in the French Bora-Bora? A fair amount of politicians!
  147. 147.Took a seat from one small pressure group with sense of achievement
  148. 148.Types of forecasts that lose face
  149. 149.Upset German is given the contract
  150. 150.Vehicle for first team managed by school head from coastal city
  151. 151.A couple of sailors from old part of the east
  152. 152.A rug from Portugal? Thats one for the books!
  153. 153.A sign about 1,000 military forces
  154. 154.Athlete fired by club
  155. 155.Broadcast by a number of musicians on the radio by the pilots stations?
  156. 156.Cashing in ones chips over resistance to smoking in a way
  157. 157.Characters compare a screenplays parts
  158. 158.Clip of fool in 2 down in charge of disease with no known cause
  159. 159.Designing clean technology initially for cutting-edge stuff in The Theatre?
  160. 160.Evasive family losing the head with Frank
  161. 161.Fondness for most small, wild snakes
  162. 162.Friend from Galway admits Henry Desmond is played by The Party members
  163. 163.Grapes for one in hospital containing more juiciness than usual
  164. 164.Has a good look with fashionable glasses around Turks Head
  165. 165.Have a quick look at couples supporting school plan
  166. 166.Is not open or shut?
  167. 167.Last drugs deal with partygoer
  168. 168.Leave a lasting impression amidst bayonet charge
  169. 169.Name for some computer mouse
  170. 170.Neuroscientist has no interest in relative
  171. 171.No permit in Maritime Alps for cured sausage
  172. 172.Peter out of marathon and is strapped
  173. 173.Presumably, Scarecrow should have gone to see one crown distinctive winner
  174. 174.Sobers up without Rose in a number of bars
  175. 175.The way to go to develop a thought, in part
  176. 176.They exchange notes in bar on weekend with the court officials
  177. 177.Turns over top strip joint, for the most part, taking direction from figures of the court
  178. 178.Typical of a mother and wife to mobilise over last altercation
  179. 179.A charmed sort is mesmerized by whats found in Art Deco brasserie
  180. 180.American thug conceals detective is a prot?g? of Mafia boss?
  181. 181.An explosive combination of talent scouts ignore lost cause
  182. 182.At the centre, whole party is for Rob
  183. 183.Beam held by self-deprecating ringleader
  184. 184.Beastly type embarrassed local director getting ale with no head
  185. 185.Bottle found on the outskirts of New Brunswick
  186. 186.Bury awful note from doctor
  187. 187.Change for the better type of truck
  188. 188.Characters in EPA interested in result of the injury
  189. 189.Face in a book on intelligence is headline grabbing
  190. 190.George Roe is missing in Mayo
  191. 191.Give someone the cold shoulder taking road out of Honduras
  192. 192.Graduate goes back to university in Kuala Lumpur or in Afghanistan
  193. 193.Greek is charged for leaders in a newspaper
  194. 194.Guard in operatives Cortina
  195. 195.In Simplex, a mercurial type of academic challenge
  196. 196.Is this a way in or a way out for those in The House?
  197. 197.Its automatic to turn away from contributor
  198. 198.Its not easy doing all one can
  199. 199.Kind of runner popular with all sides today
  200. 200.Lends a hand to hero from Rhodesia

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