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  1. 1.Dictator who trained as an ophthalmologist
  2. 2.Sit on the couch
  3. 3.Old-timey cries of distress
  4. 4.Channel Orange musician
  5. 5.Jaunty trip
  6. 6.Hindu island in Muslim Indonesia
  7. 7.Defaces, as a yard on Halloween
  8. 8.Rich, important people
  9. 9.Whence the villains in the original Red Dawn
  10. 10.Healthy seed also used for kitschy figurines
  11. 11.Careful scrutiny
  12. 12.Respond to, as a tip
  13. 13.Treat as a plaything
  14. 14.Hamsters exercise bestie?
  15. 15.Navy computer programmers project?
  16. 16.Queensbridge rapper
  17. 17.Bones in a cage
  18. 18.The Stonewall, famously
  19. 19.Google smartphone
  20. 20.Loan sharks note
  21. 21.Presidential nickname coined by Molly Ivins
  22. 22.Bath sitting spot?
  23. 23.Technology that brought us Jar Jar Binks
  24. 24.Gif alternative
  25. 25.Level a flat, say
  26. 26.Potential pick-up spot with bars inside
  27. 27.Analyzed, as the numbers
  28. 28.Strap-___
  29. 29.Flows partners
  30. 30.International Space Station precursor
  31. 31.Pissiness
  32. 32.Search me
  33. 33.Sound that might scare a mouse
  34. 34.Fifteenth best-selling artists of all time
  35. 35.Indian goddess after whom an actress is named
  36. 36.Out of gear?
  37. 37.My plan is to hide inside Johns piano and jump out at him?
  38. 38.Director whose work has been nominated for 123 Academy Awards
  39. 39.Site that was super fun before they had rules; once I sold a deed to the moon on it
  40. 40.Olive Oyl suitor
  41. 41.God ___ this mess
  42. 42.Hunks display
  43. 43.Devices in front of treadmills
  44. 44.Sandwich type similar to a BLT
  45. 45.___ von Bismarck
  46. 46.Highland scotch brand
  47. 47.Compound in pee
  48. 48.Response to a detailed story about a UTI
  49. 49.Vikings drinking word
  50. 50.Harold in the Roosevelt administration, or his son in the Clinton administration
  51. 51.Canceled
  52. 52.Recent notable Couric get
  53. 53.Transgender modeling school that promises quick results?
  54. 54.H??agen-Dazs option
  55. 55.Many a Jack Nicholson character
  56. 56.Proctologists time to go to work!?
  57. 57.Beside oneself
  58. 58.The Senators, on the scoreboard
  59. 59.Go back over, as a story
  60. 60.Link for a drive, say
  61. 61.Pre-French 101 word
  62. 62.Animal yelling like a human in a recent viral video
  63. 63.Suffix for relatively small things
  64. 64.Footwear alternatives to Roos
  65. 65.Jaunty trip
  66. 66.Polynesian party
  67. 67.2008/2012 campaign portmanteau
  68. 68.Space
  69. 69.Fit
  70. 70.Installation, say
  71. 71.Patty and Selma, e.g
  72. 72.Science Friday host Flatow
  73. 73.Dodge SUV
  74. 74.Sixth-century Chinese dynasty
  75. 75.Incur extra cell charges, perhaps
  76. 76.Org. for Sid the Kid and Alexander the Great
  77. 77.Hotel Rwanda ethnicity