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Date: 9-August-2018 | Page 1 of 1 | Crossword Answers 911

  1. 1.In America, say, black woman has support from New Statesman
  2. 2.On Tuesday, he died amid gunfire after beginning to burgle house
  3. 3.My attempt, ultimately, to send back some old bolts
  4. 4.One is foolish, King Edward accepts, to get so closely entwined
  5. 5.Procedure held up by involuntary movement of the eye
  6. 6.Roman gods originally included in study of early Europeans
  7. 7.Uplifting verses to include study for vocal part
  8. 8.Having a heater raised the temperature, though not at first
  9. 9.With regards to fridge being empty, roar over to eating place
  10. 10.Military group has time to request ceasefire at the borders
  11. 11.Surprisingly bone dry if given squeeze, perhaps
  12. 12.What may be deposited in Arab banks?
  13. 13.Conservative has proposals for treasury
  14. 14.A tree-covered approach? On the contrary
  15. 15.For shift, doctor sat in for matron
  16. 16.Tradesmen finally leaving brand new flat
  17. 17.Dunkirk veterans turn up underneath cloud
  18. 18.Your cake lacks regular ingredients - its horrible!
  19. 19.Push dune buggy, essentially getting knackered
  20. 20.Our number two admitted being tired
  21. 21.Jammed to Claptons first hit
  22. 22.EU citizen having right to enter Ulster?
  23. 23.Considers journey that takes in motorway, having a cake to pick up
  24. 24.After festival Mick travels around America, listening to this?
  25. 25.After training, RAF bod is paired with highly decorated flyer
  26. 26.Resistance has trouble keeping one hidden?
  27. 27.Managed to squeeze down inside tree
  28. 28.One maintains stability, seeing large policeman in grey pants
  29. 29.Refuse to engage with son too much, having caught cold
  30. 30.Female associate embraces current misconception