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Date: 8-August-2018 | Page 1 of 1 | Crossword Answers 911

  1. 1.Wealth of foreign couple, it keeps being oddly ignored
  2. 2.Level with another in top spot perhaps
  3. 3.Criminals time being dominated by unfortunate past company
  4. 4.Refined ladys humane, in an open manner
  5. 5.Actor ever disposed to respond too emotionally
  6. 6.Decay found in vegetable plant
  7. 7.Pause in output elsewhere viewed as regressive
  8. 8.Admitting hospital resistance, open fancy new Kidney Unit
  9. 9.Expressing sorrow as second vessel is almost at capacity
  10. 10.States has no right to expose divisions within the UK
  11. 11.Goddess who enchants occasionally by movies finale
  12. 12.Flyer that details cost of repairs to Oxford?
  13. 13.In speech Popes displaying naivety
  14. 14.Land thats part of Shanghai, not separate on reflection
  15. 15.Record centrally every month registrations for college
  16. 16.Showbiz pair given unusual order to move elsewhere
  17. 17.In favour of blocking both sides of Afghanistan border
  18. 18.Overindulge English composer
  19. 19.Cancel book after second advance is withheld
  20. 20.Sport heading for crisis? Thats not original
  21. 21.Even-tempered just after losing case of impeachment
  22. 22.Onset of laryngitis interrupts Prime Ministers toast
  23. 23.Fellows ousting twin sons of banned Olympians, theyre bullies
  24. 24.Discard popular overture of Grieg in playing the violin
  25. 25.Crack scared lively young individual
  26. 26.Moles, extremely active and very visible in Northern Ireland
  27. 27.Hes committed to track husband leaving hotel in South London?
  28. 28.Display of animalistic behaviour puts choir off