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  1. 1.Dean erred badly, having smacked another on the tail
  2. 2.Bag of nuts
  3. 3.During deserted sessions, PM covers for members
  4. 4.Britain loves Saint Nick, according to Americans
  5. 5.Panorama broadcast already taken in by viewers
  6. 6.Nettles growing by the second! Theyre just over two feet!
  7. 7.Fix to gatecrash functions or work picnics?
  8. 8.Dirty stuff Her Maj associates with society pals
  9. 9.Contrary article run by Times about revolutionary device
  10. 10.Hoskins is the man out-of-head people mock
  11. 11.Ingenious English worker putting up stage
  12. 12.Flash old editor spoke like a sacred beast!
  13. 13.Dig German coming in with nothing on
  14. 14.Fall for bishop free to express innermost homoerotism!
  15. 15.Prurient criminal is casual about love
  16. 16.Express gratitude if leader of House cuts VAT
  17. 17.Slavish type of tie with mum, bit of nuisance?
  18. 18.Refurb Clio found in Settle and offer it for cash?
  19. 19.Order endless Italian wine in empty café
  20. 20.Wicked lookers a tan Icelander embraces
  21. 21.Those making Her Majs head spin can be idiots
  22. 22.Massage oil on mate full of passion
  23. 23.As behind, starts on numerous Indy crosswords
  24. 24.Firm support for government committee
  25. 25.Somehow other bran is loathsome
  26. 26.Strong wine compelled artist to hug one
  27. 27.Without any difficulties, lad turned up with feed
  28. 28.Drinks round Mark returns and gives out
  29. 29.Its a foregone conclusion I wont cheat on exam
  30. 30.Slow down partner or its all over!
  31. 31.Teacher welcoming side-splitting forms misfortunes
  32. 32.One known to spit lines with ace on a mike

Crossword Answers 911