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Date: 16-May-2018 | Page 1 of 1 | Crossword Answers 911

  1. 1.Rector leaves choice food for wine
  2. 2.Nasty about Times section for food
  3. 3.Warning words after Republicans scrap before court
  4. 4.Group of soldiers also included in scheme
  5. 5.Deliberately offend leader leaving walk
  6. 6.Oscar met Brad dancing with a beautiful person
  7. 7.Old forward is good player?
  8. 8.One against redevelopment of top resort
  9. 9.One promising love and money amongst older men
  10. 10.Astonishing cup result for Bobby Moore at Wembley?
  11. 11.Old man in Sudan beaten up in prison
  12. 12.“Silvers swallows arsenic” - a story
  13. 13.Bring round nature award we hear
  14. 14.Dropped apple-core into mud
  15. 15.What could be cast in gold for farewell
  16. 16.Maybe Tom has to capture small image
  17. 17.Storage units Kelvin installed in Norfolk town
  18. 18.Town station in El Salvador
  19. 19.Lunatics in a tizzy without a medicinal preparation
  20. 20.Pennys excited over picture
  21. 21.Secretive men eating fox and woolly creatures
  22. 22.Work with artist hiding evil thug
  23. 23.Preserved forged medal (British Empire Medal)
  24. 24.Excellent gunners and engineers
  25. 25.Full traveller meeting obstruction before beginning to eat
  26. 26.Client standing up in leisure suit
  27. 27.Dread regular contributors to rag week
  28. 28.Report interference?
  29. 29.Spartan queen has one going for new calendar?
  30. 30.Get rid of group of terrorists we hear
  31. 31.Trio belt out operatic words
  32. 32.Stand at the front of church
  33. 33.Leave out note in books
  34. 34.Ill-bred fellows abrupt and unfriendly with old leader
  35. 35.Outspoken against old state