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Date: 15-May-2018 | Page 1 of 1 | Crossword Answers 911

  1. 1.Dot put duck in drink after slug
  2. 2.Back entrance in Bill Clintons bottom
  3. 3.Airlines fate
  4. 4.Main, one fed to cook
  5. 5.One of 13s stories, where claw almost seizes male husky
  6. 6.Sound tip for music writer
  7. 7.One of 13s stories, when she grapples with Thailand in fable
  8. 8.Cat retracting tail a little in one of 13s stories
  9. 9.English town beginning to lose in board game, win less popular
  10. 10.Father Browns ultimate temptress
  11. 11.Granny clasping back in fall, silly sod, after trouble doing a backflip in sport, she writes
  12. 12.Couple upside-down in boudoir
  13. 13.Besides which, I do like to be singing about Tottenhams first reserve
  14. 14.Colleague of Buzz A and Michael C up for being in outer space?
  15. 15.See 25
  16. 16.Sweet thing hard to ignore in Chinese book
  17. 17.Something fragrant eaten up by lunchtime, lemony
  18. 18.In Turkey, an official story needing no introduction
  19. 19.Male lovers dressed with type of bikini top
  20. 20.See 25 Across
  21. 21.Kind of newspaper, pale back always
  22. 22.Exceptional starter covered by newspaper - nothing that adds flavour?
  23. 23.Vessel having to slow to a trot, might you say?
  24. 24.Approximate location of misdirected golf ball?
  25. 25.A few weeks to live in retreat among native Australians and Maoris, primarily, in one of 13s stories
  26. 26.Story claimed to miss the odd parts
  27. 27.Finally roaming free in Cameroon, retiring animal of the desert
  28. 28.Could I be fit for friend?
  29. 29.Lowrys subject for one of 13s stories
  30. 30.One unlikely to give a little time, Gods heading off