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Date: 15-April-2018 | Page 1 of 1 | Crossword Answers 911

  1. 1.The royal couple have loads of affairs
  2. 2.One living under bridge regarded as very drunk
  3. 3.Viz character whos foolish about love
  4. 4.Dukes right to pull out of top degrees
  5. 5.Very busy earl wears old thong in error
  6. 6.Youngster? Bit short to be a bit of a climber
  7. 7.Fulfilled a large desire after some fiddling
  8. 8.View posterior of old boy - thats indecent
  9. 9.City passes on board member? Hes a Lothario
  10. 10.Jamaican criminal thats tailing detectives
  11. 11.Gloomy function opened by a performer
  12. 12.Body part beset by some indecent rumblings
  13. 13.Queen pot-bellied on removing top? Sexy!
  14. 14.Tiddler? Get yours operated on around November
  15. 15.A good beer and ale drunk could be thus
  16. 16.Im in Lourdes, but I aint seen The Lord!
  17. 17.Request certain to give sexual gratification
  18. 18.Dangerous to be high-spirited? F*** off!
  19. 19.Belt up and do loads of drugs? (but not E)
  20. 20.Distance unit is behind charging policeman
  21. 21.She wore me out (in an unnamed spot)
  22. 22.Constant barrage? Time enlisted men split
  23. 23.Superior needs bit of acid on head? Ill help!
  24. 24.Vacuous Etonian tucking into relaxing bitter
  25. 25.Commercial area by deserted green in Paris
  26. 26.Half-pint of small prawns by the looks of them?
  27. 27.All beer needs to be reordered? Call again!
  28. 28.What one might say to jerk thats tipsy?
  29. 29.What I think Hoskins-haters might do? Good grief!
  30. 30.Run lewdly about, but I wont emit any gas!
  31. 31.Submit landlord should be relieved of capital
  32. 32.Opening Republicans interested in securing