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  1. 1.Look into morass over debts associated with crime
  2. 2.Ship put about source of epidemic, having limited expertise
  3. 3.Former worker, weary, having mostly to stagger around
  4. 4.Excellent contacts in the radio business
  5. 5.Letter in Latin in ensembles latest track
  6. 6.Men leaving unpleasant tasks succeeded in game
  7. 7.A lot of cult editions distributed without asking
  8. 8.Popular father retaining power to encourage
  9. 9.Nothing simple about source of unusual hatred
  10. 10.Drink? Caught a second time with ale brewing
  11. 11.Articles penetrated by minor excited particles
  12. 12.Clinker, say, that is full of carbon - hint to bring in boron
  13. 13.Not beginning to carry or lug
  14. 14.One punishes Church accepting a new Rector
  15. 15.Quote line about a Duke in fortress
  16. 16.Way to dismiss active staff
  17. 17.A committee with four names arranged to protect university building of historic interest
  18. 18.I note canine is â€" with gold â€" adjacent to this?
  19. 19.Reduced-price salad veg
  20. 20.Vegetable thats almost entirely vegetable matter
  21. 21.One politician taking on stupid European in stalled debate?
  22. 22.Keep building to standard?
  23. 23.Quiet about this after low rough? Not very
  24. 24.Get rid of first person in Paris to come in drunk etc.
  25. 25.Author gestures, vaguely encompassing second reference work
  26. 26.Sporting venue: ecstatic, we hear, about to try to win
  27. 27.Cherokees rampaging about cowboy finally beginning to dance, getting flushed?
  28. 28.Recalled information about stone, say, in investments?

Crossword Answers 911