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  1. 1.Bewitched for a short time? Sure
  2. 2.Flying saucers circling Yemens capital city
  3. 3.Left winger stymied by my best ever performance
  4. 4.Profit from popular event split by Greer evenly
  5. 5.Gradually getting through in small pieces
  6. 6.One easily deceived by lawyers letter
  7. 7.Aware of heartless Italian poet becoming fashionable
  8. 8.Rector gets Yoko to cut jokes from parts of speech
  9. 9.Judge by repeated hesitation to embrace result of peoples vote
  10. 10.Push forward from back of crowd to interrupt shocked tour rep
  11. 11.Not at all petty
  12. 12.Party to invite scorn
  13. 13.Companion not entirely accepting its a fruit
  14. 14.Islands secret society involved in row taken aback? Just the opposite
  15. 15.Still in charge after position in society is reduced
  16. 16.Engaged in singing exam after church
  17. 17.Work at length to stop secret agent becoming careless
  18. 18.Sign up new clients first off
  19. 19.Courage of the French experienced by them initially at the front
  20. 20.Ancient city originally associated by students with a mythological god
  21. 21.Casual worker from the outskirts of Jaipur receiving award without a hint of boastfulness
  22. 22.Connections in Iceland accommodating a German tenor earlier
  23. 23.In pursuit of the total amount in spite of everything
  24. 24.Nonsense to poke fun at small beer
  25. 25.Rees-Mogg finally abandoning common sense in support of fools unjustified claim
  26. 26.Easily transported by river on a piece of rough board
  27. 27.Suppress article containing nonsense about lieutenant
  28. 28.Formerly needing more than a quick appraisal

Crossword Answers 911