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Date: 13-May-2019 | Page 1 of 1 | Crossword Answers 911

  1. 1.Scholarly poet like Carroll, Lew?
  2. 2.Maybe competitors in US open state highway through remote area
  3. 3.Patient examination of butt, thus reflected by mirror
  4. 4.Damned healthy-looking
  5. 5.Stay in small pigsty, perhaps, in south of France
  6. 6.Negative rehash of Suez, involving British soldiers in retreat
  7. 7.Coal surplus from last month, if shown 24
  8. 8.Tea and biscuits, besides a bit of scripture, fed by English clergyman
  9. 9.Any one of three parts of lovely spot
  10. 10.In play, dress actors as lovers, like Romeo and Juliet
  11. 11.Basic pay for one relying on brainpower
  12. 12.Most unproductive place for meadowlark's eggs?
  13. 13.Around love, Tinder is designed to confuse
  14. 14.Family member spies ...
  15. 15.Report following female subject's affair
  16. 16.Result from match that's most unlikely
  17. 17.Big name spread throughout France: le Boursin?
  18. 18.Married couple have a diet of cereal
  19. 19.Heading north east from the opposing side
  20. 20.Money divides you, once it's a recurring subject
  21. 21.Flash group of people, born to be Conservative
  22. 22.Hot pants cut to be short
  23. 23.Distinguish between Lenny, Toby and Glen's coats
  24. 24.In blurred pic, Luton's one fine detail
  25. 25.The best bit on a trip east, perhaps
  26. 26.Sly recce at girl's large girth
  27. 27.Trifle dish cracked by temperature on expensive oven
  28. 28.Did trick make number disappear from cards?
  29. 29.... pop star, absorbing audience's last hurrah
  30. 30.Hit a couple off golf tee
  31. 31.Depression fills Israeli moving relative to a home
  32. 32.Theologian's revolutionary answer to "what are problems?"