Category: Evening Standard – Cryptic
Date: 8-November-2018 | Page 1 of 1 | Crossword Answers 911

  1. 1.This bird makes many a change to finish with
  2. 2.Able to move the phone
  3. 3.Something fishy demanded by the deliverer?
  4. 4.The rear end of rabbits?
  5. 5.Clearly no motiveless crime!
  6. 6.A pot for the hunter
  7. 7.It takes a bit of swallowing to get down
  8. 8.Hanks an artist!
  9. 9.A style thats modern and right on the map!
  10. 10.Hospitalised, a number need help to get out of bed
  11. 11.A fall involving work for the doctor
  12. 12.A place that has to be in Los Angeles?
  13. 13.Its just outside central Acton, not far
  14. 14.Young scout to turn in radio
  15. 15.Pours down, bringing a degree of spate to the river
  16. 16.Happen to give a dog a bit of a shock
  17. 17.The kind type
  18. 18.Show affection for a place in a big way
  19. 19.Those holding up power supplies?
  20. 20.Look embarrassed when left in the shrubbery
  21. 21.Wash up for a pal
  22. 22.At a price, perhaps, a letter giving cookery instruction
  23. 23.Relating to golf, naturally?
  24. 24.Its only hearsay that outsized pigs can fly around!
  25. 25.In many ways, a legal entitlement
  26. 26.What Noah said when he heard the rain
  27. 27.Keep straying from ones post
  28. 28.Its sat on excessively in the outskirts of Solihull
  29. 29.An identical twin of fourteen? Youre so right!
  30. 30.A book just for you
  31. 31.If you seek to be a leader, show foresight!
  32. 32.Where to wear little and cover nothing
  33. 33.This Chabrier piece is tasteful and very French
  34. 34.A monster to make go back again
  35. 35.Grab a girl for a kiss
  36. 36.Without her, one would be callous and cruel
  37. 37.Are sad at heart in one part of the country
  38. 38.The Roman way
  39. 39.Searches for hairdressing equipment
  40. 40.One obtained from a garden centre, especially?
  41. 41.Jump at getting the part of Sancho Panza
  42. 42.Empty-headed suggestion not to be so careful
  43. 43.Unimportant figures in art, possibly
  44. 44.Really peevish, like a deserter