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Date: 6-December-2018 | Page 1 of 1 | Crossword Answers 911

  1. 1.Hes in form to do well
  2. 2.In a game, this call is in, just
  3. 3.Its leaf serves a modest purpose
  4. 4.Salver of arty design
  5. 5.Is his military career all over?
  6. 6.An article, thats definite
  7. 7.Everything in the show is superficial
  8. 8.Posted on the way to the theatre
  9. 9.With little money left, you need spirit
  10. 10.The answer may be found in the lab
  11. 11.As yet, works in winemaking
  12. 12.Military group misguided in mutiny
  13. 13.Only about half of it is over a yard
  14. 14.Plants a central agent amid the revolutionaries
  15. 15.Cook for the junior school!
  16. 16.Climb noteworthily?
  17. 17.Ought to be a good rhyme
  18. 18.Dispatched in Isleworth
  19. 19.Being badly led, sir, they do nothing
  20. 20.When we go to earth, it means little
  21. 21.Music makes Sarah endlessly sad
  22. 22.Something to look forward to
  23. 23.Harry him, boy!
  24. 24.Fabric to tear asunder or scratch
  25. 25.The fishermans dance?
  26. 26.Supplied with a spoon, perhaps
  27. 27.Catch with a right and knock out
  28. 28.Pass out with utmost enthusiasm
  29. 29.Shes in Britain
  30. 30.The effect is an unusual lustre
  31. 31.One-time supporter in the case of there being a member short
  32. 32.A trick with never-ending application
  33. 33.Keep in a sty
  34. 34.The correct girth, maybe
  35. 35.Round enclosure, fully accessible
  36. 36.Forename of the Fair Mind of Perth
  37. 37.The African American shows twice the ability!
  38. 38.Prices oft wrongly removed from toffees
  39. 39.A drink with a Gateshead girl
  40. 40.Go for a quick one?
  41. 41.Colour of eminence
  42. 42.In this game, a man can become king
  43. 43.Welsh anthem in endless arrangement
  44. 44.Characteristics of the eccentric artist

Crossword Answers 911