Category: Evening Standard – Cryptic
Date: 15-May-2019 | Page 1 of 1 | Crossword Answers 911

  1. 1.Iced drinks for the last workers
  2. 2.Definitely English article
  3. 3.Her mount could be calmer
  4. 4.Nice girl, she'll help fellows out
  5. 5.The ram can be a sire
  6. 6.A burden to shoulder
  7. 7.His rod may be in the garden
  8. 8.A criminal talent?
  9. 9.Firefighting official?
  10. 10.In good health? Well, fairly
  11. 11.An essential in winemaking
  12. 12.Perfume to market around Maidenhead
  13. 13.One place for divided MPs
  14. 14.It's early to rise for a chap out West
  15. 15.Soldier with a dog, perhaps, for protection
  16. 16.Sent in to organise the game
  17. 17.The love of money
  18. 18.French-style house that can never quite be a mansion?
  19. 19.A tough old bird
  20. 20.Time to gather nuts around the Kentish area
  21. 21.In the discus, performs worst when out of breath!
  22. 22.Right blend of alloy for a piece of money (like a sovereign?)
  23. 23.Where the exhibits are immersed in water
  24. 24.Having the nasty aspect of a thug, lying
  25. 25.Surrounded by some formidable enemies
  26. 26.I thus keep out of line!
  27. 27.Very soft going for the lad holding the horse
  28. 28.Postpone the day out?
  29. 29.Something between a game and a match?
  30. 30.A trick to cheat some cadgers
  31. 31.Wintry weather on TV?
  32. 32.The witch of Carthage?
  33. 33.Musical test for an extraterrestrial
  34. 34.Starting to foment endless strife
  35. 35.Where to dance round and round?
  36. 36.For a novice to tangle tape is a bit of a bloomer
  37. 37.Ultimate salt product
  38. 38.It's currently in circulation
  39. 39.A Slav's not usually such a humble person
  40. 40.Made for exploitation in the possession of a rogue
  41. 41.Fish turning bad
  42. 42.As opposed to misses?