Category: Evening Standard – Cryptic
Date: 14-May-2019 | Page 1 of 1 | Crossword Answers 911

  1. 1.But on Tyneside it means a sandwich
  2. 2.Mad to upset it, you'll agree
  3. 3.Scoffed in school, we hear
  4. 4.A change of pace and a bit of fun for a nut
  5. 5.Written by some arty pedants?
  6. 6.Look sleepy, yet show willing
  7. 7.Women make me sad
  8. 8.They happen to be key openings
  9. 9.Not far from the main channel
  10. 10.Like the Isis, a local river
  11. 11.Drink out on the street
  12. 12.City seen travelling north from Spain?
  13. 13.Tour the diocese
  14. 14.Overlook Goering's endless misguidedness
  15. 15.Loaned one pound for seed
  16. 16.The equitable way to go
  17. 17.Did business in timber and central heating
  18. 18.It takes more than one to make a cake
  19. 19.Aren't they instrumental in providing pop music?
  20. 20.Obviously an active leader
  21. 21.A diminutive flier
  22. 22.Passed information about faint-hearted Victor
  23. 23.A main form of obsession
  24. 24.Grass snake possibly
  25. 25.Like a faulty photo of a tanker in turbulence out East?
  26. 26.Where saints even go around town
  27. 27.Prepare a meal for a man
  28. 28.Pull up, when permitted, by the throat
  29. 29.It's awfully good to be in the briny and get brown
  30. 30.Something to eye darkly?
  31. 31.Rock bottom?
  32. 32.A blemish to the viewer?
  33. 33.Driving place
  34. 34.Scams current in central Dorset
  35. 35.Beg for a bunfight at the end of the garden
  36. 36.Like singular goods from the fair trade centre
  37. 37.Something fishy in the balance
  38. 38.About half an hour to find a new name for fertiliser
  39. 39.Where good whisky is available for a song?
  40. 40.Flowery name for a gentleman
  41. 41.Such bacon would suit a dissipated rake in a piggy place