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Date: 14-March-2019 | Page 1 of 1 | Crossword Answers 911

  1. 1.Think it divine to read excitedly about love
  2. 2.RAF ace in distress, showing bottle
  3. 3.If going up north, its at the back of the plane
  4. 4.Discharge at a bad time
  5. 5.Sportsman having a fling
  6. 6.Additional outcome
  7. 7.Needed to be put in the shade
  8. 8.Roguish lie from Charlie, possibly
  9. 9.Dads half yearly bill from the tax man?
  10. 10.It contains, but isnt exactly a holder
  11. 11.Inform everyone by letter
  12. 12.Move around in jug
  13. 13.Scottish rock
  14. 14.Displeased by a shaky ride around central Hackney
  15. 15.Minimal points for a false start
  16. 16.Twist when theres authority for it
  17. 17.Drug dealer a child can handle
  18. 18.Dines in great style
  19. 19.Hes a devil when embracing a redhead, mate
  20. 20.He suits a meaty role
  21. 21.Head cook getting out of line
  22. 22.Show fear of a psychiatrist
  23. 23.A drag garment?
  24. 24.One playing two legs?
  25. 25.German cherry centre
  26. 26.In which a raw recruit can rise far
  27. 27.Contended it was a crash dive?
  28. 28.You can write one if you try
  29. 29.A hot one, and thats flat!
  30. 30.Cause of a snore?
  31. 31.In which to watch the birds in the park, were told
  32. 32.Before decimalisation, a top share?
  33. 33.Back of the forearm
  34. 34.People of the wide open spaces
  35. 35.One under pressure at a sitting?
  36. 36.The G-mans game?
  37. 37.Given the accolade, can he not quite rise?
  38. 38.Of capital importance in the Boys Brigade?
  39. 39.Agitatedly paces the room
  40. 40.A switch in production
  41. 41.Holidaymakers could get food right at the end of it
  42. 42.Charged with something shocking
  43. 43.Incomparable as farmland
  44. 44.Material very little seen in the borders of Thailand