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Date: 10-June-2019 | Page 1 of 1 | Crossword Answers 911

  1. 1.Complaint of a little old lady who has nothing
  2. 2.Piano in solo use, often in rotation
  3. 3.New means of identification
  4. 4.In a fashion, be inclined to accept what's never-ending
  5. 5.Name of the book I'm writing
  6. 6.Italian capitalists for ransom?
  7. 7.A people carrier
  8. 8.A banger, perhaps, not exactly a car
  9. 9.In church, poor little fellows
  10. 10.Allow it to be known that one has left school
  11. 11.Brief outline, in total, of army manoeuvres?
  12. 12.One takes a turn around town
  13. 13.On board, little man given the push
  14. 14.Boy from Baltimore
  15. 15.Some red roses coming up in succession
  16. 16.It's in our blood
  17. 17.Just the poet to put pressure on his people?
  18. 18.Wander around being merry, maybe
  19. 19.Being erotic, he may seem cherubic
  20. 20.Woven article from Bruges
  21. 21.Nasty stuff, but it can make you smile
  22. 22.Many a raw beginner will spoil things
  23. 23.It's on the cards it'll cost you
  24. 24.Endless crime, my boy, can make you see red!
  25. 25.Just a suggestion
  26. 26.Like a circle of illusion
  27. 27.Crime of possessing stolen goods?
  28. 28.Seethes quietly, like misers upset about the fifth of November
  29. 29.Language developed in America, amazingly!
  30. 30.Me and Edward, usually followed out
  31. 31.Grammar schools' remotely interesting subject of study
  32. 32.Desperate outcry for hired hands
  33. 33.Street of no return
  34. 34.Where to question a woman's ability?
  35. 35.If Aberdonian, he's beefy!
  36. 36.Seem suddenly brighter when you start smoking
  37. 37.They always get me won round
  38. 38.Support from the media, ideally
  39. 39.Watchful nation?
  40. 40.It's nice to go east in the wild west!
  41. 41.At least it's a car that's silent!
  42. 42.Meeting place at the end of Shaftesbury Avenue
  43. 43.Certainly not returned in revenge
  44. 44.Lost garment?

Crossword Answers 911