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Evening Standard - Cryptic Crossword Answers -21-February-2020
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Evening Standard - Cryptic Crossword Answers -19-February-2020
  1. 1.Musical sort of party, nothing else
  2. 2.A bonehead, more experienced but less cautious
  3. 3.Over poetic?
  4. 4.An affectionate touch from Mercedes?
  5. 5.Praise one's former partner up a lot
  6. 6.Part of an amusing turn, that's all
  7. 7.Alarmingly, it brings insecure cares
  8. 8.Performs with animals
  9. 9.Look shy, except for being soft hearted!
  10. 10.Not the nicest place for a hothead to make love
  11. 11.Not very hot, but nevertheless approved of
  12. 12.Some of Bach's motets had a striking impact
  13. 13.One growing in greediness?
  14. 14.Foreigners' bit of fun at pubs
  15. 15.Not fully in form, Paul gets out and it hurts!
  16. 16.The solution, note
  17. 17.In hospital, she may have a ward to herself
  18. 18.Do demolish the dome, it's condemned!
  19. 19.Best suit?
  20. 20.The pressure to be uniform in attire
  21. 21.Seaman who made his mark at Los Angeles?
  22. 22.A swimming exhibition?
  23. 23.He gets new heart from a girl
  24. 24.Frank is the one staggering round the piano
  25. 25.Where a kiddy can take the rest
  26. 26.It may hold up a sculptor's work
  27. 27.A slippery customer, albeit young?
  28. 28.Is of a different city
  29. 29.Supplied with notes
  30. 30.Blue boy of flagging significance?
  31. 31.With him, a fast start would be a sheer accident
  32. 32.It may precipitate a drenching
  33. 33.Juice of various apples
  34. 34.To reach perfection gives a writer a bit of a thrill
  35. 35.Fight to guard one's territory?
  36. 36.Roomy sort of suit?
  37. 37.Deserters from the innovative arts?
  38. 38.Even the finest can be overrun!
  39. 39.Does it mean women get no whiskey?
  40. 40.Just the blockhead to say something soft
  41. 41.Had no success casting lots
  42. 42.A number to remember

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Crossword Answers 911