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Evening Standard - Cryptic Crossword Answers -22-March-2019
  1. 1.Punch correctly
  2. 2.It can be laid and staked
  3. 3.One can get mad with it, youll agree
  4. 4.Most of Euclid can easily be made clear
  5. 5.See intricate detail as a strong point
  6. 6.Make uniform just in case
  7. 7.Continental in a big way!
  8. 8.Again she has half a mind to take part
  9. 9.On paper, perhaps, a break in continuity
  10. 10.Turn left and fly out all the way
  11. 11.Splendidly regular mate
  12. 12.A little room in Sydenham
  13. 13.Land requiring special care
  14. 14.Born in a bygone era
  15. 15.Not finished being impolite to the college head
  16. 16.Overhaul so as to make security better?
  17. 17.Where lances were broken in 1066
  18. 18.Some other time, senor!
  19. 19.Reached the beast about to start trouble
  20. 20.Was it still hot at the end of last month?
  21. 21.Rendered harmless with some fuss, indeed
  22. 22.Flap like a bird having a bet?
  23. 23.Flies swiftly (into bed on board?)
  24. 24.One youd figure wicked, obviously
  25. 25.In a most disturbing way, rage can be right!
  26. 26.Handle without charge
  27. 27.One must do so or die in the attempt!
  28. 28.Music providing a bit of fun for some guests
  29. 29.Lads regular place of employment
  30. 30.I had nothing left to worship
  31. 31.Figure to have a use for a documentary part
  32. 32.In the garden, it may be lit up
  33. 33.Team in residence
  34. 34.A lord gated in London
  35. 35.Warning of modern-day sin
  36. 36.Men accepting a fresh lot of cloth
  37. 37.Big match that seems a bit fishy to a novice
  38. 38.Its a job getting a girl in New York
  39. 39.On which two rode and met disaster?
  40. 40.A cad at cards
  41. 41.Theyre no good as narrators!
  42. 42.Replacement parts one may hang on to
  43. 43.Inwardly upset by a hatter
  44. 44.Song about chaps in the country
  45. 45.Stared at a space-man
  46. 46.Chest expander?
  47. 47.Highly amusing bird?
  48. 48.More reliable collection of fares
  49. 49.Nicely addressed
  50. 50.Looked for gold, perhaps, out East
  51. 51.A role only one woman can take
  52. 52.Bards sweetheart with a hidden love
  53. 53.Make safe ways of getting over the river
  54. 54.Lofty piece of latticework
  55. 55.Source of a drama in history
  56. 56.Ministers shelter for a space visitant
  57. 57.He uplifts Smiths heart
  58. 58.Pressed for some hours, finally enraged!
  59. 59.The timbers out of place, darn it!
  60. 60.In this case, a complaint from an unbeliever
  61. 61.Composer somewhat sad given very little money
  62. 62.Bens vines are tangled
  63. 63.Hoarse sounding utterance?
  64. 64.Matey fun?
  65. 65.Silent, it follows the cat back
  66. 66.Many a friend may linger
  67. 67.Maybe a test to savour?
  68. 68.Is the fools one made of paper?
  69. 69.Observation about a saint
  70. 70.Possibly extra outing
  71. 71.It quite alters ones meaning
  72. 72.The fiery part of Othello
  73. 73.Obtain new weapons and a back number
  74. 74.A knotty snag
  75. 75.Jam-packed, not necessarily with jam
  76. 76.A shout from Jack
  77. 77.It lends support to an artists views
  78. 78.Refusal to copy 10 Across
  79. 79.Variety of warts ultimately bad for the camel
  80. 80.Agrees to change the lubricant
  81. 81.Scared to pay out, the old devil!
  82. 82.The last to be involved in a desperate fight?
  83. 83.City to which a miser moved?
  84. 84.A cause of friction
  85. 85.Just a little one
  86. 86.Sowing delicacy, pay for
  87. 87.At home, gets in the way of ones usual procedure
  88. 88.Definite the police must go into action
  89. 89.Decide youll go to live in
  90. 90.Being fair, exonerate
  91. 91.Parking among the vehicles, walks
  92. 92.Its a dogs name? Right again!
  93. 93.Impartially? Not very
  94. 94.With luck, by early evening recoups what was lost
  95. 95.The remainder get the negotiated rise owing to
  96. 96.Cant decide if I should get the doctor round
  97. 97.Overall you have on to provide warmth
  98. 98.Will try, having meant to give a whirl to
  99. 99.Covering over with the whitewash, perhaps
  100. 100.œDisinclined to, says the note
  101. 101.Like the high-pitched sound of drilling?
  102. 102.Its safe to come by
  103. 103.A gesture I wouldnt care to make
  104. 104.Got into a row for having invested in
  105. 105.Unmasked, is brazen
  106. 106.The hearts, for instance, one grills
  107. 107.A foreigner found in the Atlantic, swimming
  108. 108.For a model, is once enough?
  109. 109.Contributed to, when one joined the cast
  110. 110.Turns round to put back on the table
  111. 111.What the man with the concealed weapon was wearing?
  112. 112.Turn off north by the new tavern
  113. 113.Peters wrong about the lunchtime break
  114. 114.A light œThe perfect partner
  115. 115.What crack photographers do?
  116. 116.In the clue for œnewt made a mistake
  117. 117.An air of great wealth, for a start
  118. 118.Its a pain having to attach one piece to another!
  119. 119.He doesnt believe the heat is off, at first
  120. 120.Comb you rushed to the bag to get
  121. 121.Find, when you disparage
  122. 122.Attributing to, when making a record of
  123. 123.And certainly not greatly reduced
  124. 124.Very fond of the box with the animal on the outside
  125. 125.Does, when one plays the first shot
  126. 126.Kick for the match
  127. 127.See its an eyesore
  128. 128.Not cracked - in fact, not harmed at all
  129. 129.A medal to brighten up that dull uniform?
  130. 130.A job for the girl I have taken on
  131. 131.For a writer of old, a set-back
  132. 132.Desire to go right into a cavern
  133. 133.Either way its seedy
  134. 134.Its bad for your teeth
  135. 135.Leave to take a holiday?
  136. 136.Be an agitator in prison
  137. 137.One reason to be masked
  138. 138.Handsome youth apt to sin badly at a party
  139. 139.Declare Vera to be wrong
  140. 140.Modest seven?
  141. 141.Strong, firm little fellow
  142. 142.Strong dislike of a noted bowler?
  143. 143.Escape being parted, perhaps?
  144. 144.Amount of glue?
  145. 145.Being stewed or soaked makes petals red
  146. 146.To go and do wrong can be enjoyable!
  147. 147.As a landowner, one is outwardly fat
  148. 148.Hes backward in navigation
  149. 149.Lied about being out of work
  150. 150.Was sure to be tricked
  151. 151.A shelter of character
  152. 152.Standing up proudly before the court
  153. 153.Like a piper, pixilated, disheartened
  154. 154.In the army, it means attention
  155. 155.Message from a key member in public transport
  156. 156.Wood suitable for the mast
  157. 157.A touch of colour
  158. 158.Letter to the Editor, typically American
  159. 159.Dressed in the style of 150 AD
  160. 160.Part hen, possibly, this creature?
  161. 161.Mere adjustment to the face for a corrective purpose
  162. 162.Peace offering so quietly made
  163. 163.Grave letters from an old reprobate
  164. 164.The ship had cast off
  165. 165.The record is held by a detective constable
  166. 166.Caught Daniel going astray
  167. 167.Judges the Medes misguided
  168. 168.Sleeping with a sailor named Ed
  169. 169.Call for the figures about mid-May
  170. 170.The long view
  171. 171.Black aircraft?
  172. 172.Campaign that tends to blur the facts
  173. 173.Give no date incorrectly!
  174. 174.Its back again to bore us
  175. 175.Classes providing information on an epoch
  176. 176.She somehow managed to get a peep out of Noel
  177. 177.Nice places with no obvious dangers
  178. 178.One or many
  179. 179.Remain in opposition
  180. 180.If you hamper me, Im deep in distress
  181. 181.In his travels, he wrote many notes
  182. 182.Follows by rail?
  183. 183.Tangled ropes can be knotty indeed!
  184. 184.An encouraging sign
  185. 185.Fruitful historic times?
  186. 186.Nominal mail sorter?
  187. 187.Combination container?
  188. 188.Food alas rehashed a lot
  189. 189.Where the islanders are friendly
  190. 190.Steal a quantity of salt
  191. 191.Roll down to the sea?
  192. 192.Went fast, but stopped short of the summit
  193. 193.This lets me out
  194. 194.Anatomical index?
  195. 195.The old executioners hat?
  196. 196.Like a poor excuse for a meal
  197. 197.It flows in a wide estuary
  198. 198.As worn loftily by women requiring no escort?
  199. 199.Name the French centre of transport
  200. 200.Were all doing just what a clergyman needs!

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