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Evening Standard - Cryptic Crossword Answers -22-October-2019
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  1. 1.Female credited as having an important station?
  2. 2.Put up with inadequate seating
  3. 3.A town and more
  4. 4.Correct what's been misnamed?
  5. 5.A burdensome thing to do
  6. 6.My tea cannot be vegetarian
  7. 7.Being sadly sick at heart is relatively pointless
  8. 8.May refer to humbug in a letter to a bachelor
  9. 9.Keen to shake up the joint
  10. 10.The spirit said to be within me
  11. 11.He built a manor (with baths?)
  12. 12.It's fun, possibly for a detachment of police
  13. 13.The tea lady?
  14. 14.Infantile enthusiast?
  15. 15.Containing nothing, the new poster is worst
  16. 16.Flier possessing a bottle opener in wrought iron
  17. 17.Figures of fun in court?
  18. 18.A name to preserve, that is?
  19. 19.Gets so upset about nothing with minor actors!
  20. 20.Talk harshly at a good speed
  21. 21.Those getting together for a bite?
  22. 22.Keep regulating airmen
  23. 23.Fiddle a point by degrees?
  24. 24.The ultimate in fiendishness
  25. 25.One who fights doggedly?
  26. 26.Notices the difference, just a bit
  27. 27.At the office, maybe in or out
  28. 28.Girl left behind as usual
  29. 29.Wine for myself and the GP
  30. 30.A runner and two fatheads in a boat
  31. 31.No elm produces fruit
  32. 32.When he goes to bat, you wash
  33. 33.Pumping centre
  34. 34.Dixon's associate, a stone worker
  35. 35.A pointed reply
  36. 36.Weapon used by gunners at the point of landing
  37. 37.A wrinkle to stop outright!
  38. 38.Pass to the scorer
  39. 39.As an airman, is he a little light?
  40. 40.What's left of one's holiday?
  41. 41.Could just one tend to blacken the sky?
  42. 42.Perfect part for Adeline to play
  43. 43.Make mounting progress?
  44. 44.Dashed forward and raised the flag
  45. 45.Tease a bit horribly?
  46. 46.Discovers no surplus of all-rounders
  47. 47.What the family share in their own joint
  48. 48.The advantage you have when determined
  49. 49.A noticeable twitchiness
  50. 50.Like granny's problem perhaps?
  51. 51.Deity who had a way with soft music
  52. 52.Being indigent is no good
  53. 53.Anxious to know about England's capital
  54. 54.Say tata in a murmur?
  55. 55.Nice clean new seat at church
  56. 56.A legend afoot?
  57. 57.Ida's impression of a duck
  58. 58.Heady edifices?
  59. 59.The boys used a stopwatch
  60. 60.Outboard propeller
  61. 61.Being sober, said to consume only a little tea!
  62. 62.Beetle-like vehicle?
  63. 63.Amphibians with modern, non-standard parts
  64. 64.The value of keeping a key part in trim, perhaps
  65. 65.In a terrible storm, be one of the gang
  66. 66.Doctor one patient, initially, with a transfusion
  67. 67.Are out of a tin, though it's not obvious
  68. 68.Ensnare a girl with love
  69. 69.What the piano means to a player
  70. 70.An element is just a tiny piece
  71. 71.Give the writer no choice
  72. 72.A trendy joint
  73. 73.Keep on the road
  74. 74.Linking a tiny disorder with middle age
  75. 75.Like the broken leg of a jumper, say?
  76. 76.Room for a rocket
  77. 77.Return of Damon, the wanderer
  78. 78.An exclusive notice
  79. 79.Walk about a yard
  80. 80.Is he catty?

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