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  1. 1."The Betrayal” is a big box office success
  2. 2.Be informed about, in a puff?
  3. 3.He is out of the pram, prepared to walk
  4. 4.Find, when you make a copy of
  5. 5.It's wrong to put people through awful pain
  6. 6.Proceeds or goes back
  7. 7.Is it half the battle getting hold of the deed?
  8. 8."Police,” you say. "Brake!”
  9. 9.The characteristic look and walk
  10. 10.The line that's supporting you
  11. 11.Several doctors, about five, the fellow dismissed
  12. 12.A tense "Hand it over”
  13. 13.Pretend to get on
  14. 14.He's unimportant, yes; a little backward, no
  15. 15.Warning about that shelter
  16. 16.The remaining ones we're told to pull off
  17. 17.Hide, having a nap
  18. 18.Employment agency given a fifty per cent cut by us
  19. 19.Boob going into the bank with a dog
  20. 20.They're used by scriptwriters
  21. 21.When the outside crumbles, hurry
  22. 22.A second drink
  23. 23.On the understanding that one's supporting financially
  24. 24.Gushed out and one ran to stifle it
  25. 25.Leave half of the side section
  26. 26.Thunder a bit upsetting? Nonsense!
  27. 27.Hang on there! You're not getting a third!
  28. 28.Happening to have seen bagging a number
  29. 29.He's making fun of the bird imitation
  30. 30.What actually happens if you've been keeping up your skills
  31. 31.A difficult situation for all there, you say
  32. 32.Is surprised when one embarks on
  33. 33.Within a month, the rest developed expertise
  34. 34.It is not we who are in the throes of moving
  35. 35.Take it you'll continue parking in front of
  36. 36.Called in a time back to categorise
  37. 37.The closing shot
  38. 38.The rest of the crew
  39. 39.Covering the lady with the doodah
  40. 40.An adversity? Quite otherwise
  41. 41.In the main got lost, somehow, in my keeping
  42. 42.Proves satisfactory when one gets an open-air job
  43. 43.A revolver found in the art gallery
  44. 44.Is due to cracks in the superficies
  45. 45.Pictures of him hard to erase years afterwards
  46. 46.He lost the knack of making pastry
  47. 47.It's the men aboard ship that hold things together
  48. 48.Little Lil, all broken up in a crash
  49. 49.Consents to take time about finishing a procedure
  50. 50.Many a bout is shrouded in uncertainty
  51. 51.Active agent hiding a ringleader
  52. 52.Brewery vessel?
  53. 53.Both articles are female
  54. 54.Being quiet at home has its point
  55. 55.Port area
  56. 56.Might its point trouble you?
  57. 57.A signal indeed easily picked up
  58. 58.You need a cool head on a rough sea, for instance
  59. 59.It grows, we hear, in midstream
  60. 60.How some like it, musically
  61. 61.Try to meet someone for a cocktail
  62. 62.On unfamiliar ground?
  63. 63.Highly skilled in astronomy, possibly
  64. 64.Love the way Dora gets to the heart of men
  65. 65.Lax in sorting out misers
  66. 66.The ends of the earth, eh?
  67. 67.Bet a thousand instead, possibly
  68. 68.By the way, Sid's in Accident and Emergency
  69. 69.Figure a complaint to be unspecific
  70. 70.Dull place to live?
  71. 71.Style to copy on the quiet?
  72. 72.He's nominally in error, you know
  73. 73.Creature we're down on, being no good
  74. 74.A place in the country is a good choice
  75. 75.The love we have to give
  76. 76.Sabre dance on Scottish hills
  77. 77.Lets her free to seek refuge
  78. 78.Shot a duck out of the blue
  79. 79.Tip-up seat location?
  80. 80.See lies as heraldic devices!
  81. 81.More advanced as a teacher
  82. 82.Private vessel?
  83. 83.In a quirky sort of way, be a bore!
  84. 84.Hidden, yet quite obvious to Charlie
  85. 85.Notedly warm hearted listener
  86. 86.Gently manoeuvred into being less tough
  87. 87.Creatures going to earth, perhaps
  88. 88.Verily, a saint when there's something brewing!
  89. 89.One of those courtroom smoothies
  90. 90.River rising in Siberia
  91. 91.Her mount could be calmer
  92. 92.Where the exhibits are immersed in water
  93. 93.As opposed to misses?
  94. 94.Time to gather nuts around the Kentish area
  95. 95.A Slav's not usually such a humble person
  96. 96.The love of money
  97. 97.For a novice to tangle tape is a bit of a bloomer
  98. 98.It's early to rise for a chap out West
  99. 99.Musical test for an extraterrestrial
  100. 100.In good health? Well, fairly
  101. 101.A trick to cheat some cadgers
  102. 102.A criminal talent?
  103. 103.Postpone the day out?
  104. 104.A burden to shoulder
  105. 105.I thus keep out of line!
  106. 106.Nice girl, she'll help fellows out
  107. 107.Having the nasty aspect of a thug, lying
  108. 108.Iced drinks for the last workers
  109. 109.In the discus, performs worst when out of breath!
  110. 110.Made for exploitation in the possession of a rogue
  111. 111.French-style house that can never quite be a mansion?
  112. 112.Ultimate salt product
  113. 113.Soldier with a dog, perhaps, for protection
  114. 114.Starting to foment endless strife
  115. 115.Perfume to market around Maidenhead
  116. 116.Wintry weather on TV?
  117. 117.Firefighting official?
  118. 118.Something between a game and a match?
  119. 119.His rod may be in the garden
  120. 120.Very soft going for the lad holding the horse
  121. 121.The ram can be a sire
  122. 122.Surrounded by some formidable enemies
  123. 123.Definitely English article
  124. 124.Right blend of alloy for a piece of money (like a sovereign?)
  125. 125.Fish turning bad
  126. 126.A tough old bird
  127. 127.It's currently in circulation
  128. 128.Sent in to organise the game
  129. 129.Where to dance round and round?
  130. 130.One place for divided MPs
  131. 131.The witch of Carthage?
  132. 132.An essential in winemaking
  133. 133.Mad to upset it, you'll agree
  134. 134.A diminutive flier
  135. 135.Flowery name for a gentleman
  136. 136.It takes more than one to make a cake
  137. 137.Something fishy in the balance
  138. 138.The equitable way to go
  139. 139.Beg for a bunfight at the end of the garden
  140. 140.Tour the diocese
  141. 141.A blemish to the viewer?
  142. 142.Like the Isis, a local river
  143. 143.It's awfully good to be in the briny and get brown
  144. 144.They happen to be key openings
  145. 145.Prepare a meal for a man
  146. 146.Look sleepy, yet show willing
  147. 147.Like a faulty photo of a tanker in turbulence out East?
  148. 148.A change of pace and a bit of fun for a nut
  149. 149.A main form of obsession
  150. 150.But on Tyneside it means a sandwich
  151. 151.Obviously an active leader
  152. 152.Where good whisky is available for a song?
  153. 153.Did business in timber and central heating
  154. 154.Like singular goods from the fair trade centre
  155. 155.Overlook Goering's endless misguidedness
  156. 156.Driving place
  157. 157.Drink out on the street
  158. 158.Something to eye darkly?
  159. 159.Not far from the main channel
  160. 160.Pull up, when permitted, by the throat
  161. 161.Women make me sad
  162. 162.Where saints even go around town
  163. 163.Written by some arty pedants?
  164. 164.Grass snake possibly
  165. 165.Scoffed in school, we hear
  166. 166.Passed information about faint-hearted Victor
  167. 167.Such bacon would suit a dissipated rake in a piggy place
  168. 168.Aren't they instrumental in providing pop music?
  169. 169.About half an hour to find a new name for fertiliser
  170. 170.Loaned one pound for seed
  171. 171.Scams current in central Dorset
  172. 172.City seen travelling north from Spain?
  173. 173.Rock bottom?
  174. 174.Caught the light? Hold tight!
  175. 175.What to do with a stick, given 'not out'?
  176. 176.It's made wrong
  177. 177.American Civil War Johnny
  178. 178.You could roam with one in New Zealand
  179. 179.Edward about to be impetuous when rubbished
  180. 180.Books most tours out East
  181. 181.Catch turns up a whole number
  182. 182.Rent some rooms to a bullfighter
  183. 183.Protein for people out to tear around!
  184. 184.A vessel slightly open
  185. 185.Joined in making news
  186. 186.Shouted at, dammit, when conducted!
  187. 187.Worries about something often dropped in restaurants
  188. 188.A chap of 50 nowadays?
  189. 189.He walks his girl round for a bit of biking!
  190. 190.Leaves the bit Desmond accepted
  191. 191.Tribesman who backed Hill as a driver
  192. 192.Black art, possibly?
  193. 193.Bit of a clever Dick, this composer?
  194. 194.Some gangster's girl
  195. 195.Reads duplicated letters out where one can
  196. 196.Transport by two means
  197. 197.One of the gang
  198. 198.The burden of a youth concealing his love
  199. 199.Paul's borough?
  200. 200.He's good, being earlier

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