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Daily Cryptic Crossword Answers -20-April-2019
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  1. 1.Detest resident in chateau
  2. 2.Most just stare if confused
  3. 3.Were teenagers - so lets dance madly
  4. 4.Rod and ball forming traffic barrier
  5. 5.Generous daughter following family
  6. 6.Girl sheltering resistance fighters
  7. 7.Prompt acknowledgements of debt may be false
  8. 8.Torch thats showy and easily carried
  9. 9.Time to manage flipping hours
  10. 10.Nelson in Perth or at Iona?
  11. 11.Cereal thats old at front of store
  12. 12.Batting position, for example
  13. 13.Free article rising from the very bottom
  14. 14.A thousand donkeys? Thats a lot
  15. 15.Mental health problem not initially terribly serious
  16. 16.A panel on a ship?
  17. 17.Pole having illness thats catching
  18. 18.Dependable sort of alloy
  19. 19.Sure you wont have any
  20. 20.Draw back well-uphostered part
  21. 21.Vehicle I got rid of has ceased to exist
  22. 22.Reportedly, not the whole amount
  23. 23.Little dog heard showing resentment
  24. 24.A bad driver turned up
  25. 25.Displayed like free-range eggs?
  26. 26.Group of soldiers or police capturing rebel leader
  27. 27.In supermarkets we desire vegetables
  28. 28.Bear backing old English bird
  29. 29.Father has directions for religious leaders
  30. 30.Redhead in undies prepared to get covered
  31. 31.Fancy drink with attitude
  32. 32.Vessel that may be put in bin?
  33. 33.Paddle in middle of boat, right?
  34. 34.Joint action worm turning in wood
  35. 35.Get to hear a group of singers
  36. 36.Chiller regularly seen in kitchen
  37. 37.Male stars tailored suit
  38. 38.It records new board members
  39. 39.Seafront always cut off
  40. 40.Legendary king put girls name in manuscript
  41. 41.An enchanter uses these periods
  42. 42.Go too far, having finished with new growth
  43. 43.Colleague who may be sleeping?
  44. 44.Go on stomach
  45. 45.Pictures of social centre given new name
  46. 46.Italian sauce made from ripest olives?
  47. 47.Its constant for each musician
  48. 48.Sound of cow thats depressed
  49. 49.Flower primula gone wrong?
  50. 50.Song in honour of Suleyman the Magnificent
  51. 51.Children of Benjamin or Simeon
  52. 52.Meat product Im unfortunately returning
  53. 53.Some authentic examples are tempting
  54. 54.Concession leads to sense of purpose
  55. 55.Funny cat with hat and stick?
  56. 56.Where players cards may be receiving attention
  57. 57.A female with adequate business
  58. 58.Flower provided by online store
  59. 59.One or two dairy products
  60. 60.Begin without concealment
  61. 61.Articles about large woman
  62. 62.Dowdy swimmer holds backside
  63. 63.New Zealander almost turning up for ramble
  64. 64.Bird allowed outside tavern
  65. 65.US snap in camera?
  66. 66.Cite fair play as subtle deception
  67. 67.Happiest sort of graveyard inscriptions
  68. 68.Extremely awkard times for proverbs
  69. 69.He ordered lead and made well
  70. 70.In winter Im expecting frost
  71. 71.One struggling to corral ten beasts
  72. 72.Persuade commanding officer with a kiss
  73. 73.Spam near nuts or cheese
  74. 74.Staff outside art gallery took turns
  75. 75.Some assassin in Japan
  76. 76.Forsaken by a girl
  77. 77.Something said about stain
  78. 78.Ringleader stops outside or wanders off
  79. 79.Rice taken back outside US city to make a cake
  80. 80.Reluctant to reveal part of a poem?
  81. 81.Beat with stick
  82. 82.A pine from end to end?
  83. 83.Visitor to ancient city is first from train
  84. 84.Sort of trifling!
  85. 85.People beginning to do repair
  86. 86.Sloppy way to finish I couldnt ?
  87. 87.On the move from a prison
  88. 88.Poisonous snakes, they reckon
  89. 89.Note short skirt on model initially
  90. 90.Grain as used for brewing drink
  91. 91.New sort of tea without added water
  92. 92.Variable stayed constant
  93. 93.Read novel about others being stopped
  94. 94.In Ferrara violinists consume Italian fare
  95. 95.Persian king holding power in island
  96. 96.Fresh weight revealed by famous scientist
  97. 97.Proper ceremony, so we hear
  98. 98.Steal and use a credit card?
  99. 99.Its a little higher than the ankle - or a little lower!
  100. 100.Old prime minister on Page 1 time and time again
  101. 101.Taken to be fitting in better?
  102. 102.Recording woodwork?
  103. 103.A beast arrived late initially
  104. 104.Be in time for difficulty
  105. 105.Silent eccentric permits entry
  106. 106.One doesnt appear to be educated
  107. 107.Cut off by northern river
  108. 108.Gear up, wandering in capital
  109. 109.Drummer recruited by string orchestra?
  110. 110.Bolt from Rhode Island with former GI?
  111. 111.Fried food from back of larder is fish
  112. 112.Baseline modified for islanders
  113. 113.An amphibian went crazy
  114. 114.Places to go round for animals
  115. 115.Miserly when drunk
  116. 116.Country areas provide setting for long break
  117. 117.One should be engaged in diplomacy, its implied
  118. 118.Cardinal tucked into eggs and lettuce
  119. 119.Party lines for plaything
  120. 120.Plant growing on rocks right outside church
  121. 121.Nine told off for being disinclined to work
  122. 122.Sort out French article with composer
  123. 123.Material raised seconds after departure
  124. 124.Topless bathers new suit
  125. 125.Manage board
  126. 126.Ones knotted, restricting oxygen!
  127. 127.Food brought back from Edinburgh
  128. 128.One caring about lack of knowledge
  129. 129.Cancel article omitted from yearbook
  130. 130.Bar thats shut up when clergyman enters
  131. 131.Declare in a tavern
  132. 132.Marginal changes may be frightening
  133. 133.Coolness of pal injured by unruly mob
  134. 134.Japanese city backing an artist
  135. 135.Charlie stirs drinks excessively
  136. 136.Two soldiers united in musical
  137. 137.A street in dire need in part of London
  138. 138.Condescend to sound like a European
  139. 139.Pan testers potty now
  140. 140.Well-bred man possibly shocking swimmer
  141. 141.Terribly slow nocturnal hunters
  142. 142.Shocks for old man turning up with chums
  143. 143.Obvious means of keeping the traffic flowing?
  144. 144.One light put up in shop
  145. 145.Lack of progress in country where women are excluded?
  146. 146.Canals have suffered in falls
  147. 147.Being saucy, I am put outside room
  148. 148.Theres nothing to restrict the view
  149. 149.Delicate proposal
  150. 150.Ill-considered break-out
  151. 151.Overworked engineers going to extremes in poetry
  152. 152.Monk withdrawing just so rite can change
  153. 153.Polynesian painter holding a horses head
  154. 154.Domestic animals backing part of procedure
  155. 155.Father goes to the east as a religious leader
  156. 156.Demonstrate in favour of cricket match
  157. 157.Instinctive response of good German concerned with performance
  158. 158.Beginning Latin, I repeatedly translated
  159. 159.Fly back in great anguish
  160. 160.Stand for Paddington, say
  161. 161.Help backward group of people with verbal attack
  162. 162.Think again since order goes out
  163. 163.Stuff provided initially for painful condition
  164. 164.Stepping out, missing last scrap
  165. 165.Its very bad in a Portuguese villa
  166. 166.Bond is to become smaller
  167. 167.A small firm demonstrates something of value
  168. 168.Time to add salt and pepper?
  169. 169.Hedgers response confused nosy dean
  170. 170.Horse brought up to snare bird
  171. 171.Shunned soldier turning up? No, communist
  172. 172.Brief encountered in quarter sessions
  173. 173.For example, potato container brought to queen
  174. 174.Night fliers attempt to rise
  175. 175.Sting-ray possibly getting sidetracked
  176. 176.Plenty of time for English cricket side
  177. 177.Sign of a river that is small
  178. 178.Not taking vile nag out
  179. 179.Invaders playing cards after six
  180. 180.Elegant vehicles brought back
  181. 181.In a run-down area youth-leader found refuge
  182. 182.Midnight odyssey starts on boat in capital
  183. 183.Theatrical work showing American lawyer taking in batterer
  184. 184.Ineffectual exhortation to be more economical
  185. 185.Sought food on behalf of the elderly
  186. 186.Show to see again, by the sound of it
  187. 187.Last bit or last bits of the lemon curd
  188. 188.Type of loose grey coat
  189. 189.Girl, we hear, given to pranks
  190. 190.Publicity features in broadsheets
  191. 191.Round lake that is least active
  192. 192.Poor old gent as Victorian prime minister
  193. 193.Nameless local turns up for musical
  194. 194.Almost time for bedtime
  195. 195.Short story about going through country
  196. 196.Ale curing outbreak of nervous pain
  197. 197.Bright exterior for a chopper
  198. 198.Was Edward not utilised?
  199. 199.Police officer in boat is wise person
  200. 200.Author given poor grades by enemy?

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