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Daily Cryptic Crossword Answers -26-May-2019
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Daily Cryptic Crossword Answers -24-May-2019
  1. 1.Part of Ulster recollected by Graham
  2. 2.Talk about short field event
  3. 3.The dog for a pugilist
  4. 4.Italian birds with no stuffing
  5. 5.Odd post for fictional barrister
  6. 6.Cook one way or another? That's about right
  7. 7.True men' is false!
  8. 8.Extra snake almost died
  9. 9.Leaving the mountain when there is less traffic
  10. 10.Hit by a vehicle - and not cared for
  11. 11.Perch or pole fixed in foundation
  12. 12.Openers for Australia, maybe, in cricket match providing fewest thrills
  13. 13.Fine stranger has straw to eat?
  14. 14.Bosnia's capital held by vigilant prince
  15. 15.Long skirt on mother is the greatest!
  16. 16.Film star seen in dress circle
  17. 17.Perhaps I belong in base
  18. 18.Company accepting communist belief
  19. 19.Woman all set to change
  20. 20.Colourful instrument for the beginner
  21. 21.Boring man promises to pay
  22. 22.Drug present in diets or otherwise
  23. 23.Repeat the usual piffle
  24. 24.Fish on river or one on ice, perhaps
  25. 25.Material used for some garden implements
  26. 26.Give up on account of square on Monopoly board
  27. 27.Part of a lock, part with a spring
  28. 28.Waving hats, sign for battle
  29. 29.Weather forecast no longer an issue?
  30. 30.Weapon sometimes placed in front of corporal
  31. 31.Language used by French in Dieppe
  32. 32.They stay abroad, parking in Texas, possibly
  33. 33.Fabric spotted outside empty apartment
  34. 34.Composer caught at home holding dance
  35. 35.It may be used for boring cocktail
  36. 36.Neat trail, oddly enough, in part of South Africa
  37. 37.Red flower for family
  38. 38.A priest organising social occasions
  39. 39.Amateur team having ace in reserve
  40. 40.Small book by Kipling to read superficially
  41. 41.Quiet pair revealing secret
  42. 42.Laurel traps a devil
  43. 43.Dad turned light off
  44. 44.Bulb could be lit up
  45. 45.Poles holding on - on something that spins continuously
  46. 46.Appear to be entertained by Chinese emperor
  47. 47.Mountain plant - one in Nepal, growing wild
  48. 48.Man's clue involved American figure
  49. 49.Essay about one mathematical function in three volumes?
  50. 50.European country ignoring area wanting food
  51. 51.Foolish, stirring up endless dispute
  52. 52.Cover over very large leisure facilities
  53. 53.Consider slender king
  54. 54.Abraham Lincoln's first murder victim in good book
  55. 55.I represent new business
  56. 56.Clothes are brought in by computer manufacturer mostly
  57. 57.Ship's company sounded cocky?
  58. 58.Some get paid less for not working
  59. 59.Something that jogs the memory about bodyguard
  60. 60.Youngster's top outlaw, extremely immature
  61. 61.Catch associate coming back? Not quite
  62. 62.Metal nuts gent has to turn
  63. 63.Celebrities backing black marketeer
  64. 64.Mexico always provides fuel
  65. 65.Monster devouring old mounted soldier
  66. 66.No slackers prepared to show solidarity
  67. 67.Drive out leader of poachers in river and lake
  68. 68.Some schoolmaster missing for part of school year
  69. 69.Outstanding work from substitute
  70. 70.Disturbances resolved in courts
  71. 71.Thin line in transmitter
  72. 72.Eastern domain - Thai place, perhaps
  73. 73.Fruitful source of information
  74. 74.Fried food is only provided in the centre of Warsaw
  75. 75.Personal ambition that's a setback for the team
  76. 76.Delicate offer
  77. 77.Phosphorus is put on many bits of land
  78. 78.Chess piece that's left as security for borrowed money
  79. 79.Second date for Roman teams
  80. 80.Stupid fool going after credit

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