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Date: 13-May-2019 | Page 1 of 1 | Crossword Answers 911

  1. 1.Dont open ___ Xmas
  2. 2.Big pile
  3. 3.Blueprints
  4. 4.Pen for hogs
  5. 5.State where you can visit Dollywood: Abbr.
  6. 6.Plastic or wooden toy on a string: Hyph.
  7. 7.Not too challenging
  8. 8.San Diegos state in slang
  9. 9.Oh no I dropped it!
  10. 10.Lodgings for travelers
  11. 11.Revolutionary Chinese chairman
  12. 12.Chinese gem
  13. 13.Texting format of most phones: Abbr.
  14. 14.___ out (crosses through)
  15. 15.Opposite of plus
  16. 16.Title of hit songs by ABBA and Rihanna
  17. 17.2013 Katy Perry song with the lyric I got the eye of the tiger
  18. 18.Word that can go before Hoop or dancer
  19. 19.Problems for prima donnas
  20. 20.I did that absolutely perfectly!: 2 wds.
  21. 21.Long tedious journey
  22. 22.Cookie thats sometimes crumbled for an ice cream topping
  23. 23.Animal ridden by a jockey
  24. 24.Are you a man ___ mouse?: 2 wds.
  25. 25.Colored part of an eye
  26. 26.Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom actor who plays Pokémon trainer Tim Goodman in Pokémon: Detective Pikachu: 2 wds.
  27. 27.Food served in a bowl at a luau
  28. 28.British nobleman
  29. 29.Move furtively
  30. 30.Liquor in many tiki bar drinks
  31. 31.She ___ eyes in the back of her head
  32. 32.The best policy according to a saying
  33. 33.Rant ___ rave
  34. 34.Gardeners long-handled tools
  35. 35.Snoopy or Scooby-Doo for example
  36. 36.Song at the Sydney Opera House
  37. 37.Pakistans neighbor to the west
  38. 38.Blockers actress who plays reporter Lucy Stevens in Pokémon: Detective Pikachu: 2 wds.
  39. 39.Did you ___ the news?
  40. 40.Stringed instruments of Hawaii for short
  41. 41.___ moments notice: 2 wds.
  42. 42.Kid who lives next door to Andy in Toy Story
  43. 43.Out of a clear blue ___
  44. 44.Angry Face With Horns for one
  45. 45.Former Soviet counterpart to the CIA: Abbr.
  46. 46.English novelist Austen
  47. 47.Home to Park City and Provo
  48. 48.Deadpool actor who voices Pikachu in Pokémon: Detective Pikachu: 2 wds.
  49. 49.Arm joint
  50. 50.Suffix for some sweet citrus drinks
  51. 51.What a secretary might write shorthand on
  52. 52.Continent that is home to the two most populous countries in the world
  53. 53.Washington ballplayer for short
  54. 54.Sleep briefly: 3 wds.
  55. 55.NBC comedy series that debuted in 1975: Abbr.
  56. 56.Birds with large eyes
  57. 57.Meet the Press moderator Chuck
  58. 58.One of five piggies on a foot
  59. 59.New York Giants legend Mel
  60. 60.Cat on a Hot ___ Roof
  61. 61.Get ___ with murder