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Date: 14-April-2019 | Page 1 of 1 | Crossword Answers 911

  1. 1.Flower secure, opening within a plant
  2. 2.A pair of birds beginning to fly
  3. 3.Crouch End address that's behind pitches
  4. 4.Desert area? Keep a fellow out!
  5. 5.Mum can coo about a couple, but it's awkward
  6. 6.Crouch End address thats behind pitches
  7. 7.An inventor some reprobates lambast
  8. 8.Leading performers with lines flag
  9. 9.Upended platform initially admired
  10. 10.Its like gatecrashing rubbish bash
  11. 11.Article written in August about foremost city
  12. 12.Move made first - a jarring confession!
  13. 13.State representative (swell Democrat made up)
  14. 14.Cheers from lag occupying house
  15. 15.Silly arms, sides, hips - even head!
  16. 16.Ruling about Romania sounded condescending
  17. 17.A city caf© lacking heart and soul
  18. 18.Groups carrying sticky stuff around exploited people
  19. 19.Shy one (swinger put on blast)
  20. 20.Wrong sort of thespian? He's dropped
  21. 21.A little oven chip sounds like pantry food
  22. 22.It's like gatecrashing 'rubbish bash
  23. 23.A man from Bromley, not Ohio
  24. 24.Fuel, perhaps, inside discarded pants
  25. 25.Late arrivals initially go right there
  26. 26.Conservative in Peru being cut up
  27. 27.Lovers over romance grabbing things
  28. 28.A city café lacking heart and soul
  29. 29.Bird a man caught could be cooking
  30. 30.Catholic strongly supporting this starts to inspire
  31. 31.Uncut chapters included in a source work
  32. 32.Did Rene start off claiming to silence a racket?
  33. 33.Obsession youth in gear hides
  34. 34.Wrong sort of thespian? Hes dropped
  35. 35.Mum can coo about a couple, but its awkward
  36. 36.State representative ('swell Democrat' made up)