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  1. 1.Some information about a lure
  2. 2.Closing mechanism for sketch series
  3. 3.Busker busking, holds part of pavement
  4. 4.Cats, for example, are confused about melodic affinity
  5. 5.Ten advisers organised local attire
  6. 6.Small firm under awfully large rogue
  7. 7.Gas round region
  8. 8.Sketch doctor at the back
  9. 9.Have a cigarette, without space to relax
  10. 10.Cat quietly warns about seafood
  11. 11.Club prohibits some percussion
  12. 12.Point Frenchmen to a literary character
  13. 13.Second-best team have some beef
  14. 14.Joint keepers' first-born
  15. 15.Very hot drink that may clean one's teeth
  16. 16.A number displaying no logic
  17. 17.Circular stage
  18. 18.Few alight, producing sign of surrender
  19. 19.Rants about doorman in large vehicle
  20. 20.Time to order thing
  21. 21.Endless food around university teacher
  22. 22.Furniture list shows conceit first
  23. 23.Sow won't work with fellow resident
  24. 24.Ape's disguised as wise man for crossing
  25. 25.Believing girl to be upset about European promises
  26. 26.Blushing about a king having tidied the garden
  27. 27.Slow performance from Wednesday
  28. 28.Reported single individual
  29. 29.Rush around rim, running with resolution
  30. 30.Endlessly raffle off gun design that's widely distributed
  31. 31.Very hot without right current
  32. 32.Lie about message first providing material
  33. 33.Boy with French article - a piece of cutlery
  34. 34.Following bad weather, delivers flowers
  35. 35.Sheltered mad criminals
  36. 36.Preparing fish and sheep as a means of entry
  37. 37.Hear uncle's broadcast was gruelling
  38. 38.Letters I included in advance
  39. 39.Hazard mine will come before autumn
  40. 40.Spick and span for hospital attendant
  41. 41.Generosity produces less rage
  42. 42.Expressive, loud tune played behind lake
  43. 43.Overweight, next to a lean believer in destiny
  44. 44.After resistance work, journalist left, isolated
  45. 45.Rugby player joins English philosopher
  46. 46.Drawings function as sequel to topless role
  47. 47.Repaired broken ring in unwavering expression
  48. 48.College boy is in agreement
  49. 49.E.g. rays are awful and slippery
  50. 50.Television showing a bit of blood
  51. 51.Lug a coat around Spain? Clot
  52. 52.Keep some jam
  53. 53.Somehow set a myth in stone
  54. 54.Engineers still worried about framework
  55. 55.Not planned, building manor around top of dune
  56. 56.Fellow joins the Spanish church
  57. 57.Speaker finds gold by a hill
  58. 58.Ring about daughter getting bicycle part
  59. 59.Lady-love in Nick's power
  60. 60.Grow fruit, then lose it
  61. 61.M1 breakdown is endless!
  62. 62.Bent grapnel is falling back
  63. 63.It's hard to be cross missing a crime
  64. 64.Quiet aircraft finally landing in an airport soon
  65. 65.Huge mass, said male in charge
  66. 66.Some black trousers for squares
  67. 67.Composer taking against a key city...
  68. 68....goes there (not here!) on vessels
  69. 69.Saying about sheep around lion?
  70. 70.Green stone Victorians sculpted
  71. 71.Cast takes note, duel being rigged behind set
  72. 72.Two drink, then start to eat
  73. 73.Lead manacle cut off king
  74. 74.Play up to torture all-rounder
  75. 75.Donald said it (a musician)
  76. 76.Overpass gridlock beginning to please
  77. 77.Some dumb old painter shops
  78. 78.An ideal part - 'ultimate part
  79. 79.Metal taken from trashed mountain bike
  80. 80.An exhibition about places etc.

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