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  1. 1.Queen translated Breton for author
  2. 2.Behold union dances start to get noisy
  3. 3.Dodgy dealer at the back of French ministry
  4. 4.Maniac left woman with twitch
  5. 5.Chap takes a heartless lady seriously
  6. 6.Up to turn lint around
  7. 7.Leaders of free lands own such shiny clean teeth
  8. 8.Surprise greeting follows an explosion
  9. 9.Vital tail went astray after German city
  10. 10.Confectionery compromise
  11. 11.Swimmer sees ray around river
  12. 12.Penniless and devout, taking rune away
  13. 13.First character drives off to see mentor
  14. 14.Explorer with point on railway cuisine
  15. 15.Stitch makes attorney join the navy
  16. 16.Every bit of anger is popular
  17. 17.Confuse by taking top off oar
  18. 18.New form of fear promises to be wicked
  19. 19.Old cars also crush a dish
  20. 20.Agamemnon's son stores renewed energy inside
  21. 21.Agree with husband on old hunting cry
  22. 22.Month with alien group
  23. 23.Code changed - the French have to allow wearing low-cut garment
  24. 24.Clunky moose fur is awful bingo call
  25. 25.Guitar part to worry directors
  26. 26.Adored man travelling another galaxy
  27. 27.Jeopardise prime work by current student
  28. 28.Wild lion removed from print
  29. 29.Always included large young fish
  30. 30.Let's broadcast about your first technique
  31. 31.Radical old term used first
  32. 32.Pale daughter is a source of magic
  33. 33.Mark is a butterfly
  34. 34.Rue a pope's involvement in pollution
  35. 35.Suggest expert sit
  36. 36.Character can be included in annuity
  37. 37.Study last suspect with desire on medic
  38. 38.Best get mad for biscuits
  39. 39.Ages solving sum for humanist
  40. 40.Cutter sailed around harbour in city
  41. 41.Energetic person to turn twice
  42. 42.Uncanny expeditions start on lake
  43. 43.Afterwards from both ends
  44. 44.I seem confused, having way to identify
  45. 45.Exploit flight, holding keys
  46. 46.Time for music
  47. 47.Woman marked pilot out for an ingredient
  48. 48.Rascal engineers ship to leave a mark
  49. 49.Drink with hesitation to a kitchen feature
  50. 50.Use of a contraption
  51. 51.Strode off to place on the south coast
  52. 52.Contemporary table starts flowing in the opposite direction
  53. 53.Fruit cooked in trance with additive
  54. 54.Before changes set in, so to speak
  55. 55.I have to pursue service that's big
  56. 56.Summary is horrible dour pun
  57. 57.Weep about object - a bird
  58. 58.Firm rig set up for pet
  59. 59.Former spouse having beer around politician, for instance
  60. 60.Returned to record what still needs to be done
  61. 61.Assimilation so ignited chaos
  62. 62.Danes out of range
  63. 63.Tons written about strange patent medicine
  64. 64.Eye, say, reverses all characters on fabric
  65. 65.Modern, before sixty seconds have passed
  66. 66.Alien pursues toy animal as a riot control measure
  67. 67.Having will to examine tea blend
  68. 68.Most sumptuous desire to include woman
  69. 69.Consider a toreador to have a muse
  70. 70.Copper, say, ambles curiously around Greek character
  71. 71.Some day, become a dog
  72. 72.Writer in hurry to fade
  73. 73.Twisting top off conclusion
  74. 74.Ingredient producing a sour tang
  75. 75.Sitter initially puts off sprog's early retirement
  76. 76.Mysterious current in magnetic flow
  77. 77.Prohibit girl getting an instrument
  78. 78.Cleaner to interrogate cook
  79. 79.Left port full
  80. 80.Mars goes haywire? That's flimsy stuff

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