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Crusader Crossword Express Crossword Answers -20-May-2019
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  1. 1.Communal spies started like this, then left
  2. 2.Missing aristocrat is inimitable
  3. 3.Reportedly expressing doubt in prevailing conditions
  4. 4.Short extract for every ship
  5. 5.Managed to embrace old Frenchman, a city dweller
  6. 6.Comedy is well-rehearsed, having dodgy past
  7. 7.Biblical location of endangered variety
  8. 8.Adapted to adjusting academic list
  9. 9.Verbal summons follows a French number
  10. 10.Remedy keeps vet initially in the loop
  11. 11.Animal expert, a pound over
  12. 12.Work in the theatre
  13. 13.Talk to fellow about current small pipes
  14. 14.Emphasise anxiety
  15. 15.Top scientists were arranging time for drainage
  16. 16.Earth has additional weapon
  17. 17.Pale, like a bird
  18. 18.Enclosed territory has space for student in grotto
  19. 19.Check again if restriction on group includes parking
  20. 20.Priest's odd liveliness
  21. 21.Caress an oarsman
  22. 22.Poets compose around right tempo
  23. 23.China deal involved Mexican food
  24. 24.Uranium earns me new identification
  25. 25.Sloth is one endless problem
  26. 26.Allow feathers to be a disappointment
  27. 27.Adviser intended to lose heart with gold
  28. 28.Sweet hypocrisy
  29. 29.Birds quick to reach south
  30. 30.About to relax on summit
  31. 31.Have snakes lost hind?
  32. 32.It's easy to feel like a fool
  33. 33.Legal tender, perhaps
  34. 34.Big programme the centrepiece of a series
  35. 35.City firm? Look into it
  36. 36.Rum from cup less cheerful man spoils
  37. 37.Plague pieces have wrong carrier
  38. 38.Lover once referred to as enthusiastic
  39. 39.Most high aims get corrupted
  40. 40.Point for and against falling back
  41. 41.Support Shawn arranged on one condition
  42. 42.Heaters bother drunken sot with belt
  43. 43.Old tough has revellers passed over
  44. 44.Twice - twice gas is wasted!
  45. 45.Save quarters for shows
  46. 46.Cross actor parting with...
  47. 47....the first person to take up a craft?
  48. 48.Kind agents carrying empty case around
  49. 49.Quarrel about imported goods
  50. 50.Cop: "I don't think about a restorer"
  51. 51.Wet weather here and there (closer location)
  52. 52.Medical equipment a seraglio runs out of almost immediately
  53. 53.Steal from bar, perhaps, but it's not fair
  54. 54.Game cast, a resident thought
  55. 55.Bad actor, in short, takes second place
  56. 56.Attempt to top Serb involved tools
  57. 57.Abducted Greek cleric in France, note
  58. 58.Scourge raised with a glower helped
  59. 59.Jar great engineer pushed to the back
  60. 60.Grub served up fed adult and kids
  61. 61.It's booked when retiring
  62. 62.Quiet royal and one politician having shellfish
  63. 63.Poet providing new cue for a chef, grey
  64. 64.Record of meeting taking a short time
  65. 65.Stuck together in this place in County Down, initially
  66. 66.Removing a tag, rude person with a degree
  67. 67.Man's lifts
  68. 68.The man with records assists
  69. 69.Second word of hesitation gives us impetus
  70. 70.Wine given to one working and helping
  71. 71.Extremely shaky politician, man, revealing evidence of disease
  72. 72.One GP drags canoe out for this contest
  73. 73.Woman with the right to be indecisive
  74. 74.It's enclosed for popular class by strange dude
  75. 75.For man, I'm initially explaining system of government
  76. 76.Rascal disturbing cruel dons
  77. 77.Umpire with university man proved to be false
  78. 78.Eleven sportsmen revealing betting odds
  79. 79.Pagan, warm, with bird
  80. 80.Popular dog makes gain

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