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  1. Of Holding Rooms In A Jail
  2. 2.origin Of A Family
  3. 3.handheld Nintendo Games Console, Released In 1989
  4. Arrival In Large Numbers, Being Overrun
  5. 5.meat Patties Cooked On Barbecues, Served In Buns
  6. 6.korean Pickled Cabbage
  7. Of The Silent World: Jacques __
  8. 8.blood Relationship
  9. 9.landlocked Country In The Center Of South America
  10. 10.exterminators Tool
  11. 11.explorer Whom America Was Named After: Amerigo __
  12. 12.professional Key Maker
  13. 13.emergency Medical Technician
  14. 14.language With The Most Native Speakers
  15. 15.flies In One Place, Like A Helicopter
  16. 16.flagrant, Obvious
  17. 17.this U.s. Towns Nickname Is "music City"
  18. 18.cylindrical Car Part, Moves Against Fluid Pressure
  19. 19.ornate Sideboard
  20. 20.fixed, Upholstered Bench Seat
  21. 21.guiding Of Actors To Produce A Movie
  22. 22.moving On A Slick Surface
  23. 23.short Sock
  24. 24.someone Who Is Required To Be Present, But Isnt
  25. 25.cons Someone
  26. 26.comic Strip Character With Phenomenal Powers
  27. 27.non-metal Element Se Used In Photocells
  28. 28.unlucky
  29. 29.prolific Film Actor, Mickey __
  30. 30.type Of Ram Used To Break Fortress Walls
  31. 31.conquered An Army
  32. 32.form A Theory About Something Without Evidence
  33. 33.deep-rooted, Established
  34. 34.tooth Decay
  35. 35.crustacean Delicacy
  36. 36.jim Henson Puppets Who Lived On A Rock
  37. 37.backup Power Source In A Building
  38. 38.__ Crane, The Hero Of Sleepy Hollow
  39. 39.makes Voices High When Sucked From Balloons
  40. 40.careful And Judicious
  41. 41.dangerous
  42. Cocktail With Japanese Rice Wine
  43. 43.satellite Of Saturn Discovered By Cassini In 1671
  44. 44.devices On Which Video Games Are Played
  45. 45.someones True Identity Concealed
  46. 46.appliance For Grilling Food Outdoors
  47. 47.delight, Glee, Contentment
  48. 48.branch Of Science, Deals With Classifying Diseases
  49. 49.feeling Tired And Sluggish
  50. A Reverse Direction
  51. 51.leafy Salad Plant Also Called Chicory
  52. 52.colorful Outdoor Sport, Simulating Battle
  53. 53.soccers Biggest Tournament
  54. 54.skip Like A Horse
  55. 55.discuss By Stating Different Arguments
  56. 56.tuneful Vocal Pattern From Largest Sea Mammals
  57. 57.very Formal, High-rise Headwear
  58. 58.the One Who Is The Best Off Financially
  59. 59.italian Toasted Sandwich
  60. 60.tropical Trees Cultivated For Small Sweet Fruits
  61. 61.using Science To Predict Future Weather
  62. 62.floating Frozen Sheet Attached To Land
  63. 63.scientific Study Of The Animal Kingdom
  64. 64.supplied
  65. 65.official In A Financial Building
  66. 66.diabolical, Horrific
  67. 67.natural Environment Where An Animal Makes Its Home
  68. 68.after Dubai, Second-most Populous City Of Uae
  69. 69.glands That Secrete Hormones Into The Bloodstream
  70. 70.stops From Happening
  71. 71.word Game With Tiles, Q And Z Score High
  72. 72.danny Tanner Is The Patriarch On This Show
  73. 73.hand-held Firework
  74. 74.first Actor On The Cover Of Time Magazine
  75. 75.sombreness, Gravity
  76. 76.pig From Orwells Animal Farm
  77. Units Of Energy
  78. 78.mythical Fire-breather
  79. Play Music Along With Another Musician
  80. 80.stories That Occur While Sleeping

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