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Date: 8-February-2016 | Page 1 of 1 | Crossword Answers 911

  1. 1.Stop a bodily flow
  2. 2.Campbells pasta sauce that means youre welcome in Italian
  3. 3.Mexican homeboy
  4. 4.Antidote hip-hop artist Scott, or Blink-182 drummer Barker
  5. 5.It goes before to mean before
  6. 6.Smirk
  7. 7.Australian bird with a top speed of 30 miles per hour (thats faster than Usain Bolt! Also longer neck)
  8. 8.___ Kombat (action video game franchise since 1992)
  9. 9.Homework helpers
  10. 10.All over again
  11. 11.Rogen who played Steve Wozniak in Steve Jobs
  12. 12.Word at the end of a low-cal beer
  13. 13.Hip-hop artist who dropped Pursuit of Happiness (And Regurgitated Food That I Can Keep Chewing On)?
  14. 14.Addresses with forward slashes
  15. 15.Marilyn Monroes real first name
  16. 16.Ringo, to his PE teacher, perhaps
  17. 17.Website with the tagline Rumor Has It
  18. 18.Go right past
  19. 19.Mad ___ (fill-in-the-blank story)
  20. 20.Rap group that dropped Dont Believe the Hype (That I Have Crabs)?
  21. 21.A little bit of this, a little bit of that
  22. 22.Understood, as the acronym for a popular HBO fantasy show
  23. 23.Freaky chant in a horror movie
  24. 24.Little insect that can form a swarm at dusk called a ghost
  25. 25.Place for a grill (or a fire pit if you fancy like that)
  26. 26.?¿C?³mo ___?
  27. 27.Tint
  28. 28.Eye part with light-sensitive tissue
  29. 29.Kindly close, as your loud-ass piehole
  30. 30.Person on a plane
  31. 31.Tsk tsk relative that is only different by four letters
  32. 32.The L in UCLA
  33. 33.Def who formerly hosted Def Poetry Jam
  34. 34.Ivy League university that sounds like a town where preppy boys are raised
  35. 35.Old-school Obi-Wan portrayer Guinness who said Star Wars was fairy-tale rubbish but could be interesting perhaps
  36. 36.Thats right!
  37. 37.Strap for a kid at an amusement park
  38. 38.Canadian singer Celine you can see at Caesars Palace until June 4, 2016, or on the Titanic soundtrack every day until forever
  39. 39.Its finger-lickin good, if youre into that sort of thing
  40. 40.N.W.A. rapper who dropped It Was A Good Day (To Adopt a Baby Bear)?
  41. 41.Are you freaking kidding me?!
  42. 42.Sound blaster at a concert
  43. 43.Ban on talking about a certain subject
  44. 44.___ Loops (morsels that are *spoiler alert* the same flavor regardless of their color)
  45. 45.In ___ of (replacing)
  46. 46.Army officer like the ones in 8-Across, informally
  47. 47.Sets in the gym
  48. 48.XD and TC car brand
  49. 49.Hip-hop group that dropped Jump Around (The Kitchen)?
  50. 50.Alex who ghostwrote The Autobiography of Malcolm X (no, its not me)
  51. 51.Rita with the No. 1 singles R.I.P. and How We Do
  52. 52.Weirdo Atlanta rapper who dropped Best Friend (Who Wraps His Arms Around Me)?
  53. 53.Herbal supplement supply chain
  54. 54.Abbr. to begin a business letter
  55. 55.Makes the guilt go away, sin-wise
  56. 56.Really scrub using some steel wool
  57. 57.Unit that starts when it breaks
  58. 58.Gangsta rapper who dropped Get Rich or Die Tryin (To Storm Isengard)?
  59. 59.Lobbying grp. that uses fear to make sure people buy guns even during peacetime
  60. 60.Pops too many pills, say
  61. 61.A hardy and gregarious African or Asian perissodactyl mammal with long ears...or dat booty
  62. 62.Titles for some Middle Eastern leaders
  63. 63.Fortune-tellers device
  64. 64.Large-scale problems
  65. 65.Pig parlor
  66. 66.___ been working on the railroad ...
  67. 67.The maximum amount of questions you need to guess what Im thinking right now (hint: its an animal, and he was in Blue Valentine, and its Ryan Gosling)
  68. 68.Detest
  69. 69.Kama ___ (ancient text only about 20% full of sex positions, but I guess sex sells)
  70. 70.PBJ alternative (in that its the only other sandwich that uses an acronym)
  71. 71.The ___ Locker (lowest-grossing film to ever win a Best Picture Oscar)
  72. 72.Take effect
  73. 73.Crowdsourced reviewing website where a review of the French Laundry by Michael J. asserts that most of the food tasted like a sweaty dogs taint.
  74. 74.Its bottom might be your last chance to score
  75. 75.Not in a civil war anymore, as the States of America
  76. 76.I will ___ you!!! (something you never want to hear from a wrestler)